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Multiple Offer Madness: Prepping the Sellers

many hands reaching toward one house

Multiple offers create a complex situation where it is very easy to have misunderstandings between the many parties that are involved. Each party comes to the table with a different set of dynamics, objectives, and priorities. Sellers want to get the highest price and the best terms. Buyers want to buy at the lowest price with their preferred terms, but also to have the winning offer. And each agent is trying to represent the best interests of their clients. Whew!

When you are representing a seller in a multiple offer situation, it is important to remember that the seller ultimately makes the decision about which offer they want to accept. As the agent, it is your job to present them with all the facts and options they have available to them.

When representing your seller you have to juggle many options for the multiple offer may be handled and there is a bit of psychology involved:

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Ask Denise: Seller Wants Too High Price

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, with our tight inventory and multiple offers, my seller thinks if we price the house really high (20% above my price!) that buyers will flock to it anyway and continue to drive the price up. I have tried to redirect him, but how can I prove that it just won’t sell at that price?

A:  This is a question I have been hearing a lot lately. The bottom line is you don’t actually know that it won’t sell at the price the seller wants. But in order to explain to the seller why it is crucial to price the property at the market price, I recommend using my conflict resolution formula and first determine the facts around the situation:

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Zebra Report: My Company’s Brand, My Brand … Which Should I Use?


A client who had hired us to create her brand was approached by her managing broker. He didn’t understand why the agent hired me to do “branding.” His comment? ”Why do you need to spend money on that? We have company marketing materials that you can use.”

Sound familiar? I bet it does. Many agents and managing brokers believe that all you ever need is generic company-supplied marketing materials. So, why is it so important for you to have your own “brand identity”? Well, first of all, let’s define brand identity:

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Design Spotlight: A Crisp Breeze


Today’s design spotlight features on of our favorite Instant Identity designs called, “A Crisp Breeze.” Though this design is traditional in layout it remains uniquely artistic in expression. Complimentary light blues mingle with bronze and peach tones creating a visual balance and harmony. Organic, vine-like swirls give this design a one of a kind approach. Though decorative and visually striking, your content and property marketing will still take center stage with this classically creative design.

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Ask Denise: Keeping Up on Filing Paperwork

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I went to my local office supply store and created the filing system for my clients and business expenses that you mentioned two weeks ago (Ask Denise: Portable Filing System). But my challenge is making sure I use it and keep it up! This is not natural for me. What do you suggest?

A:  Good job! My recommendation is to either take care of this during your Hour of Power – just a few minutes every day or give yourself a goal to have it done by a certain time each week. That will give you the flexibility to adjust your schedule as needed and get the task done when you are in the mood to do it. Don’t let it go for more than a week or else it will become a daunting task to catch up — and one that you will avoid!