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Goal Check!

It is hockey playoffs! Hey, I am from Canada. What do you expect? This is a great time to talk about goals and checking!

Really though, I am talking about the goals that you started 2018 with and checking-in with how you are doing. We are, after all, moving our way through the second quarter – or is this the second period of our annual game plan?

If you are like many agents, caught up in the harried pace of the hot market and all the challenges that our buyers and sellers are facing, you may not even know where that goal worksheet is at this point.

Take a second and dig it up. I will wait…

What are some of the things you had on your plan? Be in contact with your past clients? Keep in better-contact with your pipeline? Take some time off? Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Cindy Peschel-Hull & Richard Hull

This week’s branding spotlight features the brand and marketing of MASTERY agents Cindy Peschel-Hull & Richard Hull, from Bellevue, Washington. This husband-and-wife duo wanted a brand a rich and luxurious brand that would highlight their specialties. The final result features a linear structure with a unique curve overlaid on the header that holds their monogram logo. This curve can be separated from the rest of the design, like on the Just Listed card, to provide Richard and Cindy with limitless layout options. The soft cream background creates a fantastic stage Read more »

Ask Denise: Difficult Offers

Q: “Denise, I am having an issue with two sets of buyers. In this market, the listing price is never the final sales price with multiple offers. Yet I am having a difficult time getting my sellers to not freak out when suggesting that they may need to increase their offer price by $5,000, $10,000 or sometimes even more than $20,000 to get the home. I am tired of writing all these offers that go nowhere! What do you suggest?” Read more »

Are Your Hands Full?

I want you to imagine you are out with your family at a picnic. You come across a large meadow full of blackberry bushes that are full of ripe juicy lush blackberries. You start to pick them and realize after a few minutes that your hands are full and you have nowhere to put any more blackberries. You didn’t plan on finding blackberries and you weren’t prepared to be storing them. Unfortunately, you only have two hands and you are now tapped out.

Read more »

Ask Denise: Car Kit Checklist

Q: “Denise, I just bought a new car and am ready to really get it prepared as my mobile office. What do you suggest I include?”

A: I have a special car kit checklist that is part of my Club Zebra PRO checklists that I am making available to you. Here you go!

And if you want access to additional resources in my Club Zebra Vault, you can have it for $24.95 per month–First month is just $9.95! Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Kurt Kreager

This week’s branding spotlight features the brand and marketing of MASTERY agent Kurt Kreager, from Seattle, Washington. Kurt’s brand was inspired by his love of old books and his cufflink collection. His polished bronze monogram was inspired by his favorite set cufflinks. The elegant sidebar mimics a book’s binding and elongates the look of his print materials. He loves photography and picked an image that conveys the serenity of the Northwest. Kurt wanted to appeal to both investors and families with his tagline “legacy real estate.” Read more »

“Days On Market” is a Critical Judge of the Market

When agents ask me how the market is I always answer with, “It depends.” There is no such thing as one general market. Markets change by price point, by area, by neighborhood, and by home style.

While the media has been guilty of making sweeping statements that the market is either a strong buyers’ or sellers’ market these statements are not completely accurate. Are they saying that the supply and demand for $200,000 homes are the same as $5 million homes? Does the supply of sprawling ranches in a county match the supply of urban condos? Of course not. Markets – meaning supply-and-demand – vary greatly.

Read more »

Kitty Wallace for Washington REALTORS President!

Local REALTORS® voice their support for Kitty Wallace. Watch these videos!

Read more »

Ask Denise: Low-Key Marketing

Q: “Denise, I am part of a running club and I would love to start cultivating business from these potential clients. What is the best way to do that?”

A: The best way to do that is to be yourself. If you start selling yourself or being overly-enthusiastic about real estate, it is going to turn people off. You are much better off to let the conversation meander naturally to what you each do for work. Read more »

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