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2018 Real Estate Success Summit

Real Estate Success Summit
Join us for an incredible full day of real estate excellence that will provide a cornerstone of knowledge and inspiration to your 2018! Get your tickets today! Featuring:

and 2018 Real Estate Predictions with Denise Lones
Denise uses national, regional, and local data to show how the market got to where it is today, and where it is headed in the coming year. Year after year Denise has demonstrated uncanny accuracy with her real etate predictions. Agents will also hear great talking points to improve client communication and discover how to help their clients put the real estate market into perspective!

Sharing HOW They Do It!
You know you want to know how they do it – and now is your chance to find out! We will be interviewing sixteen of today’s movers-and-shakers in the real estate industry. We will learn how they define success, what drives them, and how they plan to take the next few years by storm. Panels moderated by Denise Lones.


Jay Agoado

Lesli Beasley

Rich & Nanette Bergdahl

John Fiala

Andrea Fjortoft
Coldwell Banker

Aranka Fruehauf

Craig Gaudry
Avenue Properties

Sandra Hines

Veronique Hval

Steve Laevastu

John & Dorae Lande

Kelley Meister
Avenue Properties

Gary Nims

Amber Soria
Soria Real Estate

Kitty Wallace

Laurie Way
Coldwell Banker


January 31, doors open at 8:30am
Lynnwood Convention Center, 3711 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036
3½ WA State continuing education credits available with State of the Market

The Snooze Button

People are always thinking about resolutions this time of year. Most often, a resolution means that someone wants to change something about themselves. Whether that be going to the gym and drinking more water, not snapping at one’s kids, or even upping their game in their business, oftentimes one has to change something about their behavior in order to accomplish those goals.

As a result of this being resolution season, I have had several people share interesting and motivational clips, videos, and imagery they have found on the internet that resonate with them and helps keep them on track with their resolutions. One video in particular stood out to me because it reminded me of a change I had to make almost two decades ago in my business, which I will get to in a second.

In this video, speaker Mel Robbins shared how she had to fight her brain’s urge to maintain her life in a state that was not working for her. By changing the way your brain currently reacts to certain situations, seemingly on autopilot, you can replace your old bad habits with good ones.

For example, the alarm goes off in the morning and you “automatically” hit the snooze button and buy yourself another 5, 10, or even 30 minutes’ worth of sleep. What if there was something you needed to do in your life that only cost 10 minutes of time but would have a monumental positive outcome for you? Would you still hit the snooze button? Would you try to take action to get up earlier?

The mind is a very complicated thing and the premise of the video was that you need to act and make a move within 5 seconds of your mind thinking of this task or goal or your brain would essentially talk you out of taking action.

Over 20 years ago, I was in a position where I needed to change a habit so I could manage my tasks better. I needed a time every day where I could organize my day, my schedule, my business, my life, everything!  I wanted to set aside a time to get all my projects done and I didn’t want to be interrupted. So I decided to get up very early in the morning and set aside an hour just for me and my projects and tasks.

I can tell you that the first week was awful. Every time that alarm went off my body was so trained to hit the snooze button that I had to really fight to get out of bed. I told myself that all I needed to do was get out of bed, go get my morning water and at least just go and sit at my desk. I really had to force myself to take the action of turning off the alarm and sitting up. Once I sat up, it was easier to stand up. Once I stood up, it was easier to walk to my desk. And once I was sitting at my desk, well, I might as well get some work done. Before long I had retrained my mind that when the alarm when off I got out of my bed and took action.

Remember that the mind and body like comfortable…but comfortable isn’t where change happens.

Ask yourself what part of your life you are hitting the snooze button on. And then make a plan for action! Remember, a short 10 minutes a day habit change for a real estate agent, especially doing a money-making activity could have a monumental effect on their business.

So, take a look at the habits you are trying to change and the resolutions you are trying to keep and don’t let your brain make excuses to keep you comfortable. Don’t hit the snooze button, get uncomfortable and make 2018 the year you see real change in your business!

Branding Spotlight: Semi Custom Pro #159

This week’s branding spotlight features our Semi-Custom Pro branding design template #159. This design uses a simple linear layout with a custom frame for your perfect tagline. The pattern overflows from the header and footer into the warm texture of the background. The high-contrast palette of deep eggplant and taupe adds dramatic flair to an otherwise understated layout. The sample fonts pairs a friendly and legible script and a stylish serif. Read more »

Ask Denise: Not a Fan Fan

Q: “Denise, I would like to start by saying that I hate ceiling fans. I hate the way they look, I hate sitting in a room with one on me, and when they are on high speed, they freak me out. However, I have a client who will be listing her home this upcoming summer and her ceiling fan croaked at the end of last summer. She wants to know if she should replace it or not. I like the idea of replacing it with a nice accent light, but honestly, her house is very hot in the summer and gets very little cross-breeze. What would you do?” Read more »

The Grass is Not Greener – Water Your Lawn and Reap the Benefits!

It is not even the end of the first week of January and already I have had NUMEROUS agents contact me to ask if they should sign up for the “latest and greatest” online marketing lead generation program. Sales people are out in force this week, so if your phone has been ringing off the hook, know that you are in good company.  There are a number of exciting and generous enticing specials that are being offered by lead generation companies with aggressive sales people reaching out to agents are ready to invest in their business in with the goal of a profitable year ahead.

But before you give out your credit card or sign on the dotted line you better take a good hard look at the realities of online lead generation programs.  Read more »

Branding Spotlight: McGuire Partners

This week’s branding spotlight features the design of MASTERY agents, Marion, Jennifer, Cara and Erin McGuire from Phoenix, Arizona. The McGuire Partners requested a modern mid-century brand that ties back to their Irish roots. Their unified bond is illustrated via their custom logo that features four hearts woven together in a Celtic-knot fashion, and set in muted silver. Their logo emblem is perfectly complemented by a matching pattern that imitates breeze blocks found in Southwest architecture. Their portrait is built into the footer of their brand to provide a dramatic, memorable appearance. Read more »

Ask Denise: Database Mailers

Q: “Denise, this year I am committed to building a stronger relationship with my past clients and my database. These are the people I want to do more business with so I am stepping up my communications with them. Right now I send a design magazine which is customized for me once every-other month. It is easy and I don’t have to think about it. The downside is I am not investing time to make it better and it is really too easy. Also, I am not sending it to my whole database because it is expensive, but I am willing to invest this year, so I can send it to everyone. But what else should I do in terms of a regular connection?” Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Colette Rarden

This week’s Branding Spotlight features the design of MASTERY agent Colette Rarden, from Cle Elum, Washington. Colette requested a rustic brand with luxurious accents to showcase her expertise for rural equestrian properties. The elegant curves symbolize rolling hills or a cowboy hat brim. The Western tooling pattern adds interest and provides a touch of femininity to the bold chocolate, caramel and parchment color palette. The running horses in the footer contribute provide graceful energy to the brand, and the breakaway horse leading the group symbolizes Read more »

Ask Denise: Choosing a Farm

Q: “Denise, I have been mailing to my database each and every month for the last few years, and have decided that since I am already doing that, it wouldn’t be that much harder to add a second mailing and send it to a neighborhood. Anything I need to look for as I choose an area?”

A: Congratulations! Since you have already proven yourself consistent, a farm is an excellent lead generation choice for you. I do have a few pointers for choosing an area. Read more »

December Mailer Content for Your Clients has Arrived

Club Zebra Pro members – December’s content is here. That’s right, we are full-steam towards the end of the year and this month’s content for you to use in your client mailers is ready for you to send out – without any attribution to The Lones Group! As always, both long and short versions are offered, in case you are using a letter or postcard format. This December we continue the tradition of a highly anticipated annual favorite – 2018 Real Estate Predictions. Carefully researched and explained by Denise Lones, your clients will find these predictions has interesting as you do. We also have an article for your sellers on Making the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces in Winter – great ideas for making those spaces shine for the winter market. Last, buying or selling, the message of why your sphere needs a local expert in real estate is always a valuable point to make – and you are the local expert. Get your December content here!

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