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Free Webinar: Power of Branding

We look forward to meeting you at one of our introductory webinars. Interact with our staff of experts who specialize in helping real estate agents, or just sit back and learn more about how real estate agents are using the power of branding to grow their business and influence.


June 29th at 9am Pacific   AND   June 29th at 12pm Pacific

Whether you are considering creating a brand for your business, need some help accentuating a brand or a logo that you have already created, or just need some additional templates and systems for your business, The Lones Group is here to help!

Who Are Your Best and Most Reliable Clients?

Imagine you are in a contest and were competing against 100 other agents.

The goal is to be the first to generate a bona fide buyer or seller – that is someone that is ready to put their home on the market with you or to write an offer on a property.

The prize is $25,000! But there can be only one winner.

What would you do to win? Would you:

  • Quickly sign up for an online lead generation company to send you cold leads?
  • Would you start knocking on doors or cold calling?
  • Would you call expired listings or FSBOs in your area?
  • Or would you open your database and start connecting with your past clients, sphere, potential clients, and people who know and love you?

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Ask Denise: Email Newsletters

Q: “Denise, I am thinking about supplementing my mailing program with a twice-monthly emailed newsletter which will include stats from about 10 different neighborhoods (once a month) and a community focus which will include an interview with a local business as well as information on local events with photos. My challenge is that I want to really broaden my reach from more than just my database but am unsure as to how I can get those email addresses. Should I buy a list? Can you do that? And should I use my own email system or something like MailChimp or Constant Contact?” Read more »

June Content for Your Client Mailers is Here

Every month we publish several full-length articles that our Club Zebra Pro members can mail to their prospects and clients without attribution to The Lones Group. This June we have a template for explaining how prices have changed and another article on home inspections. Our third article for June covers how outdoor spaces are a trending driver of home sales. As always, we also have postcard length versions of each article. Get your content right here and have a great June!

Design Spotlight: Cris LeCompte

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of MASTERY client Cris LeCompte, from Bellevue, Washington. Cris has a dramatic and eclectic design style, which is a rare combination! He wanted a design that conveys professionalism and approachability, as he is dedicated to personalized and friendly customer service, which he has spent his lifetime developing. This attractive image of a sunrise over Seattle has special meaning for Cris, and was taken by a friend’s photography company called Some Like it Shot. On special pieces, such as the notecard, we use the image with a reflection, which enhances the overall impact.

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Millennials Out Number Baby Boomers: Big Changes Coming Because of it.

Baby Boomers are born between 1946 and 1964 while Millennials are those individuals born between 1982 and 2000.  They have now officially outnumbered the Baby Boomers and this is creating some interesting shifts and demands in the real estate market.  If you are helping Millennials to buy or sell in this market there are some things that you need to know.   Here are some interesting facts about Millennials:

81.3 million – there are currently over 81 million Millennials living in the United States.  They have now outnumbered the Baby Boomers. Read more »

Ask Denise: Revitalizing My Pipeline

Q: “Denise, my pipeline is looking a little thin these days. What are some things I can do to make sure I have a great fall and end to my year?”

Great question! I am assuming you are already doing some sort of monthly mailed communication to your database and doing something a little extra for past clients, so I am basing my response strictly on adding some gravy to what you are already doing Read more »

Design Spotlight: Shanon Yop

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of CUSTOM BRANDING client, The Shanon Yop Group, from Bellevue, Washington. Shanon’s team offers global real estate services, so she wanted a no-nonsense, highly functional and minimal brand that connects with her market. The color palette of gold, white, and contemporary charcoal, combined with a majestic crown and ornate swirls convey a tone of regency. The straight lines and symmetrical layout symbolize Shanon’s professional stability and reliability, while the fading lines in the header and footer communicate softness and approachability.

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Ask Denise: Doing Business with Family

Q: “Denise, my brother and sister-in-law are ready to become first time homebuyers in the next few months. They have asked me a few questions but haven’t really indicated they will be using me for that purchase. I don’t want to be pushy, but I would like their business. How should I proceed?”

A: First, I would like to commend you on providing information without pushing for the sale. But I actually think it is time to address the elephant in the room so it doesn’t become a barrier in your relationship whether they use your or not. I believe that having an honest discussion is the best way to move forward. It looks something like this Read more »

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