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Leverage – A Way To Give Yourself a Raise

In my two previous Zebra Reports How Much Money Do You REALLY Make? and What’s Your Net?, I talked about how to calculate your gross and net rates of pay per hour. This week’s article will show you how to take this information and make good decisions based on this information.

Working smart is about knowing how to leverage your time to make more money. By knowing what you make per hour you make smarter decisions with your time. Knowing your “rate” means you can quickly calculate the risk/reward factor of any possible transaction, working relationship or client.

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Ask Denise: Flyer Blues

Q: “Denise, I have a listing with a sign in the front and a flyer box. I put 30 flyers in the box every day, but they are disappearing quicker than normal traffic would consume. I suspect kids are taking them out or perhaps a disgruntled neighbor. This is so frustrating! What do you think I should do?”

A: I think a permaflyer (blown up flyer mounted on a foamcore or pvc) is a good solution here, but I wouldn’t stop putting flyers out, despite their disappearing. I never recommend that a permaflyer is a substitute for available flyers. You want to leave a lasting impression for the potential buyer. Hang in there!

May Content for Mailing to Your Clients is Here!

We have some great content that Club Zebra Pro members can mail to their potential buyers, sellers and past clients this month. No need to credit The Lones Group, you can say you did the hard work and send these to your clients as though you wrote them! Are you working with buyers? We have a great mailer article for getting ready to pre-qualify for a loan. We also have a Monthly Mortgage Payment Comparison that you can share. A number of buyers and potential sellers are also considering remodeling – either to buy and remodel so they can have the house they want, or to remodel in place. Keep in touch with this May’s article on Remodeling and Return on Investment. Both full-page and postcard sized versions are ready for you, fully written, right here. Have a great May!

Design Spotlight: Calming Nature

This week’s design spotlight features one of our Semi-Custom Pro branding design templates, Calming Nature.   This design features a panoramic photo bookend by smaller images. The subtle fades on the edges lend a dreamy look. In comparison, the property photos are crisp and bold, which helps them stand out to potential buyers. The soothing green and bright white palette is a great blend of minimal design and Northwest style. The example fonts pair a rugged brush script with a clean sans-serif font in small caps for easy reading. A small and simple accent in the name treatment keeps the design’s theme running from top to bottom of every piece. Read more »

What’s Your Net?

Last week I talked about how important it is to truly being able to calculate how much money an agent makes per hour by dividing their gross commission income by total number of hours worked in a given year.

For example, if you make $100,000 gross commission and you work 40 hours per week for 52 weeks (2080 hours per year) you would make $48.08 per hour.

If you have yourself 4 weeks of vacation you would actually be giving yourself a raise because now you would only be working 1840 hours which would bump your hourly rate to $54.35.

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Ask Denise: Monthly Gross Income

Q: “Denise, I just tried to do your gross hourly rate exercise and I am all over the map! In January I worked about 250 hours but only brought in $4,000 giving me a gross hourly rate of $16 per hour. But in April, I brought in $30,000 and worked a little less – only 200 hours (because I took spring break off with the kids) giving me a gross hourly rate of $150 per hour. Where should I go from here?” Read more »

How Much Money Do You REALLY Make?

When I think about how many hours most people work per week, I think you would agree that 40 hours is what most people would guess to be the average hours that most people work in a typical business setting. When I think about real estate agents, I think you would also agree that most real estate agents can work many hours one week and less another week. In other words, their work hours are flexible and therefore do not conform to the “corporate average”.

When I am working with an agent and they tell me that they want to increase their income, the first question I want to get answered is what their hourly rate has been the past couple of years.  The solution for making more money can be to increase the number of hours you work, but there should also be a strategy to make more per hour. Read more »

Design Spotlight: Cindy Chase

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of MASTERY agent Cindy Chase, from Redmond, Washington. As a professional stager, she has an eye for home design and a passion for creativity. Cindy wanted a brand that illustrated her artistic and approachable side. The predominantly green palette harmonizes her favorite color with other vibrant shades and even matches her office. Cindy’s tagline is “Making Home Sweet Home a Little Brighter” and these bright colors perfectly match the fun and exciting side of purchasing a new home. The sketch-style house logo conveys her friendly and warm demeanor. Read more »

Ask Denise: Getting Condo Listings

Q: “Denise, I have had a few condo listings lately and have determined that I really like selling them! What are some things I could do to get more condo listings?”

What a great question! My first farm area was in an area of townhouses. There is something very unique about townhouse/condo living and it makes for a unique product. I think this is an under-utilized lead generation option in many urban and recreational areas, so I commend you for going for it. Read more »

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