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Is It Time to Try the “Distraction Diet”?

Are you feeling lethargic? Pulled in too many directions? Are you unable to complete the tasks you used to handle easily? Feeling weighed down and uninspired? Lacking energy and focus? If so, it may be time for what I call the distraction diet!

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Branding Spotlight: Karen & Aaron Zehm

This week’s branding spotlight features the brand and marketing of MASTERY agents Karen and Aaron Zehm, from Woodinville, Washington. Karen and Aaron wanted a brand that conveys the rich natural colors and textures of the Northwest with all the warmth, character, and approachability of a Craftsman home. Their design combines sleek silver bars,  and a rugged combination of rich wood grain and navy blue brushed concrete textures. We highlighted the unique last letter of their name by creating a polished silver Z monogram within an eye-catching diamond shape.

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5 Ways to Wow Your Out-of-Town Buyer

Imagine you had the opportunity to live in another city, a place that you have visited a few times but have never actually lived in. You may have friends or family members that have given you rave reviews about the area but now you must begin the process of researching and finding a place to live in this new city. Where do you begin your search and what is the best way to go about this monumental task?

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Branding Spotlight: Tia Pace

This week’s Branding Spotlight features the Semi-Custom PRO design of Tia Pace, from Bellevue, Washington. Tia wanted an elegant brand with a Northwest flair to help her marketing take off. She selected a pale wood texture for her slim sidebars, complemented by dark London-Blue pinstripes. Her font selection includes a script with elegant swashes and a minimal serif to give her branding a refined appearance. Her logo combines an ornate key with a classic house silhouette for a clear marketing message. Read more »

Ask Denise: Office Update Debate

Q: “Denise, this summer I have to – HAVE TO – update my office. I mean purge, get new furniture, get organized, paint, new rugs – the works! I feel like I really need to do this to calm my mind and be more productive. But my spouse doesn’t see why I need to do this and spend the money. How would you suggest that I approach him?”

A: Different people need different things out of their workspace. I cannot tell you how often my clients report that a complete office makeover was life-changing and certainly business-changing. Read more »

Free Webinar: Wowing Potential Clients with your Website

Business Boost webinars are free and open to the public. Each focuses on solutions to challenges faced by real estate agents and brokers in a one-hour format. Join us Wednesday, May 30 at 9am Pacific for our 7th episode.

A strong website is the cornerstone of your online presence, where people that you don’t know can verify and learn about your expertise and the services you provide. An old or dated website that doesn’t look good in mobile may leave your business potential quietly leaking away, while a good website can bring new clients calling. In this webinar we will cover:

  • How to use your brand as a basis for a compelling website.
  • Building your personality into your website.
  • The features that visitors love.
  • Time saving website features for agents.


Get Your Business Out of Cruise Control

The market has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Not long ago, agents were complaining that they were overwhelmed by a lack of business caused by the severe housing collapse we experienced. We went from that market to a market where multiple offers are now the norm. In some cases, it’s not uncommon to hear about homes that are getting 15 to 20 offers. This has caused both buyer fatigue AND agent fatigue. You spend hours trying to help your clients find a home only to have them lose it at the finish line.

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Ask Denise: Collaborating Over Competing

Q: “Denise, if I go on vacation and another agent helps my client out and, in fact, helps one of my clients find a house, write the offer, and complete the transaction (this was a cash client who closed quickly), who gets to keep the client? I thought it was my client but apparently this other agent is marketing to them.”

A: It depends on your agreement with the agent. This is a great example as to why agreements made ahead of time are so important – agreements prevent disagreements. Without an agreement, the client relationship is ambiguous. Read more »

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