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Design Spotlight: Acton Hartzell

This week’s design spotlight features MASTERY agent Acton Hartzell, from Stanwood, Washington. Acton wanted a brand to help him appeal to buyers and sellers in his local luxury demographic. Dark backgrounds, rich backgrounds, and a strong logo make up this sophisticated brand.

The crisp linear design indicates Acton’s business values, highlighting that he is a direct, straightforward communicator. The straight lines are divided by an abstract eagle logo, which symbolizes courage, strength, freedom, and perception, which are other strong values Acton brings to each transaction. Read more »

5 Tips for Organizing Your Real Estate Office

It seems like getting one’s office organized has been on most of my clients’ minds this January. However, like many busy people, it can be difficult to know where to start. If this sounds like you, here is a list of areas you may want to tackle in the coming weeks:

1. Filing – If you have piles on your desks and every flat surface, you could be feeling overwhelmed just entering your office. Although we are moving to a more paperless world, there is still physical paperwork that needs to be managed. If you are starting with piles, the first step is to make sure you have closed your client files correctly with your office and archived the physical files correctly. Read more »

Ask Denise: Overwhelmed

Q: “Denise, I have been trying to clean my office, but every time I start, I spiral into feeling completely overwhelmed! What do you suggest?”

A: What I suggest may overwhelm you at first, but it is actually a great way to handle this situation. (I would recommend getting a helper or two.) Step one is to take everything that needs to be addressed OUT of your office.

Now you are working with a clean slate and it is easier to analyze items that you are adding back in. For example, now that the top of your desk is cleared off, it is easier to think about what you really should have on it on a daily basis and choose what to bring back. Read more »

Power of Niche Marketing

Have you ever gone to your family doctor only to be referred to a specialist who treated only patients with our exact ailment? Were you then surprised when you showed up at the specialist’s office to find a packed waiting room?

This happened to me a couple of years ago when I went to the dentist and I discovered I needed a root canal. I naturally assumed my dentist would just book an appointment to take care of it, but my dentist informed me that she doesn’t do root canals. She wanted to send me to her root canal expert instead. I thought this was a little strange but when I asked her why she didn’t just handle root canals she said it was in her client’s best interest to work with someone who was the expert on this procedure. Read more »

Design Spotlight: Marie Mattson

This week’s design spotlight features MASTERY agent Marie Mattson, from Bothell, Washington. As an avid horse lover, Marie’s goal was to highlight her experience with rural and equestrian properties with her brand design. Her idea was to reflect the rougher side while maintaining the elegance and refinement of horses. To that end, her final design features rich leather textures and large stitching to emphasize the discipline associated with both horses and real estate. We added satin-styled ribbons for an elegant and feminine touch. The background features a suede texture and lavender watermark. Read more »

Ask Denise: Finding the Time

Q: “Denise, 2016 seemed like a blur! I felt like I was being pulled in all directions by buyers and sellers and I never found the time to implement some of the systems that I need. For example, I have been in the industry for nine years, but still don’t have a system for taking a listing. I don’t have a buyer or seller package ready to go. I just need time!! Help!”

 A: What you need is an Hour of Power. Yes, you are going to need to move something out of the way to accommodate this, but if you had 60 minutes of structured business-building time five days a week, your business would be TRANSFORMED by the end of the year. I do an Hour of Power everyday and there is no way I could get as much done as I do without it. Here is a video on how I structured it: Read more »

Design Spotlight: Rosita Wischmeyer

This week’s design spotlight features MASTERY agent Rosita Wischmeyer, from Bothell, Washington. When we started Rosita’s brand, she was hoping for a “fun brand” that reflected her love of traveling with a subtle nod to wine culture. Structurally, she was drawn to designs that featured a soft curve. Rosita’s globetrotting experience is reflected in the soft maps in the background of her brand. Wine-barrel wood textures in the header and footer bring a natural feel to the brand and creates great contrast with her neutral color palette. Glossy gold gradients accent her brand’s structure without being too flashy. Our design team was inspired by her passion to be a “real estate match maker.”  Read more »

Ask Denise: 2017 Word Theme Action Plan

Q: “Denise, I have chosen my word theme for 2017. It is “Reduce”. I want to reduce the amount of new lead generation I take on, want to reduce the amount of stuff I buy and have, want to reduce the complexity of my business. But now I am overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.”

A: Great word! You should start by doing exactly what you are doing above. Making a list. But I want your list to be more detailed and we need to determine some action items and a goal date for each item. For example, you want to reduce the amount of stuff you buy and have. Since reducing the amount of stuff you buy is something you need to focus on in the future, let’s assume you are going to do that. Read more »

December’s Articles for Your Clients Are Here

December’s articles are always much anticipated and they are now available. As always, you can send these articles to your clients without attribution to The Lones Group, just as if you had written them. This month, as we have for many years, we have Denise’s 2017 Predictions, an article on the Housing Affordability Index for buyers that has been updated with the most recent data, and a final article on What You Need to Know About Buying or Selling in 2017. Shorter versions suitable for a postcard are available for those latter two articles.

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