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Don’t Just Connect…POWER CONNECT!

Real estate is an industry that has seen many ups and downs over the years. It has also seen monumental changes in the day-to-day operations and processes due to technology and the creation of online real estate search sites.

Over the past two and half decades I have watched the industry go through monumental changes. I have seen many agents come and go and I have seen patterns that have led to agents becoming very successful and patterns that have caused otherwise good agents to get out of the business.

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Ask Denise: The Branding Payoff

Q: “Denise, I am considering developing a brand and some basic systems with your company. I appreciate that you offer monthly financing (as I am not cash rich at the moment), but I wonder what I can expect in terms of a return on that investment.”

A: In my experience, brand development pays off time and time again. But, it depends on how you use it. There are agents who never fully implement the brand and the systems and therefore never realize the full potential of the investment. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: John Haines & Missi Huff

John and Missi’s brand is just what this team needed to convey their combined power, professional approach, and winning confidence earned from years of experience. Their gold house logo features their common last initial and symbolizes the strength that their charismatic teamwork brings to each transaction.

In addition to a professional print brand, we also designed and built their custom real estate website. Crafted on the WordPress platform, this engaging website features a navigation that encourages visitors to explore, live listing updates from their MLS through a custom IDX solution, and a strong connection to the local communities that they serve.

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A client of mine came to me two years ago who was overwhelmed with where she was at in her business. She felt that she had hit her peak and would never again get back to where she had been years earlier. She had given up, was tired, and had lost her mojo. She even discussed her financial situation and it was not good.

As I began to offer solutions she came up with creative reasons why my solutions would never work for her. I could tell that she was overwhelmed but I needed her to STOP fighting me. I needed her to surrender and do things a different way. I needed her to surrender in order to change direction. She had nothing to lose as the path she was on wasn’t working for her anyway.

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Ask Denise: Facing New Competition In My Area

Q: “Denise, there is a new agent who has just started mailing to the same area! His postcards have that “enter your address and learn your home value” feature which I feel is terrible for our industry, but I am worried that it will get results. How can I be true to my business beliefs, send good information, but keep me top of mind in spite of this new competition?”

A: I love your question because I get a variation of it every day. With new agents in our industry, capitalizing on the surge that the market has felt over the last few years, it is no surprise that these new agents are going to be looking for clients. And while it is unfortunate that your territory is being threatened, I actually think this provides you with a great opportunity to review what you are sending out to make sure it is the best it can be. Read more »

The Danger of Waiting

What are you waiting for? TIME your greatest gift or the worst enemy you have in your business.

Time is the ONLY thing we cannot buy more of.  We treasure it, we long for more of it, we waste it and we battle it.  The older we get the more aware we are of how precious it is and how quickly it passes. Time is like a fast-moving river and fighting that river is not a war you will ever win. There is great danger in waiting and wasting the time you have now. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Your Design Style

We are proud do be one of the only real estate resources with a free tool for identifying your unique design style. Because you, like most agents, are most likely self-employed, it is essential to your business that your brand suits you! For a brand to work its magic and connect with an audience, it must first connect with you.

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Ask Denise: Opening Up at an Open House

Q: “Denise, I am having a difficult time at my open houses lately. Visitors are on a mission. They engage very little, come in, tour, and leave. I am not a very outgoing person and their body language is telling me to stay away so I do. I have used a sign-in sheet in the past and am thinking of using it again. What do you think?” Read more »

Are You Riding the Wave or Treading in the Trough?


On the one hand, I love summer. Warm days and nights. Time out by the water. My dogs frolicking with abandon.

But I am always wary of summer because of what comes next. Once agents put away their swimsuits and flip flops panic mode sets in because they have been tending to their suntans instead of tending to their business. Read more »

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