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Converting Leads After the Open House


An agent asked me recently, “Denise, how do I convert leads from an open house?”

Converting leads at an open house is easy because they already met you and I bet they developed some sort of rapport with you. Furthermore, they took the time to see a home so they probably are thinking about buying or selling.

Therefore, your conversion efforts should be centered on developing further rapport. And that comes from giving. I like to use my three favorite words for this: Would you like…

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Design Spotlight: Robin Joy Savage


This week’s design spotlight features Robin Joy Savage, one of our MASTERY agents from West Bellevue, Washington. Robin wanted a theme with tulips and windmills because she has family in the Netherlands and is an active member of the Holland American Club. She is also expanding her real estate skills to include international realty.

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Ask Denise: When to Reduce the Price?

Denise Lones

Q: “Denise, I have a listing which should have sold given the market conditions. However, it is on an odd lot and I think that is why it isn’t selling. It has been on the market for two weeks now and everything else around it is goes under contract within a week. In the past I have waited a month to do a price reduction. Should I wait or have a conversation with the seller?”

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Design Spotlight: Debbie Allison


This week’s design spotlight features Debbie Allison, one of our MASTERY agents from Seattle,  Washington. Debbie came to Seattle as a college student and fell in love with the area. She is a strong believer in the expression “Knowledge is Power,” and she has taken advantage of many of our systems. Debbie is graduating from the Mastery program next month!

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Ask Denise: Handling Bulk Mailing

Denise Lones

Q: “Denise, I can get a great deal on printing postcards, but they don’t handle any of the mailing. Should I take on applying labels, postage, and get it in the mail?”.

A: It depends! I suggest you really take a close look on how much you are saving. Often times, if you are saving a few cents on a postcard, unless you are printing hundreds, the cost difference is really negligible.

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Design Spotlight: Rachel Pitman


This week’s design spotlight features Rachel Pitman, one of our MASTERY agents from Denver, North Carolina. Rachel is a resourceful and creative individual who loves crafting. She just started her real estate career and we are excited to help her get off on the right foot.


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Ask Denise: Client Appreciation Event and Videos

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, I am having a client appreciation event at the ballpark in a few weeks (Go Mariners!) and I was inspired by your video blog a few weeks ago. Do you think I could use a system like BombBomb to make videos that will get people excited about my event?

A: Yes yes and yes!! A series of videos would definitely do the trick here. I would still recommend you send out a print invitation, create an event link somewhere online (such as on Facebook, EventBrite, etc) that houses the event information and allows people to RSVP, but incorporating video would be an amazing addition!

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Spring Cleaning and Your Open House Checklist


Depending on where you are in the country, you may or may not be experiencing a super-fast market this spring.  A super-fast market is defined as a market where there are many more buyers than inventory and homes are selling in very low days on market numbers for above listing price.

I hear agents trying to talk themselves out of doing open houses in a market like this because there may be little time to prepare for the perfect open house. In some cases, having enough time to advertise because the home may have come on the market mid-week and there are already plans to review offers by the following Monday.

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Ask Denise: Where to start in a new market?

Denise Lones

Q: “Denise, I am new to my market and want to get up on the real estate scene – fast! Where should I start?”

A: You are in luck! In my Club Zebra Vault, I have a document called Becoming a Market Expert: The 20 Things You Need to Know. Doing the research on even a handful of these items will get you the knowledge of your market that you need to have confidence and be able to talk like a pro in your marketplace. Click here for the link!

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