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Real Estate & Gardening – Kindred Spirits!

Real Estate and gardening have more in common than you might think. Savvy real estate agents have figured this out.

Think about planting a garden. You make sure the soil is good quality, you decide what you want to plant, you plant your seeds, and then you water the seeds and tend to that garden on a regular basis.

The key word here is REGULAR. You wouldn’t even dream of expecting your garden to grow if you failed to tend to it or water it.  Read more »

Design Spotlight: Talli Pierre

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of our SEMI CUSTOM PRO client Talli Pierre, of Covington, Washington. Talli selected the “Caramel Macchiato” branding template. She chose a color palette with brilliant turquoise and sleek charcoal tones. She also paired a beautiful script font, which softens her tall name, with a classic serif font. She also selected a variety of home-related photos, which we turned into black-and-white with her signature turquoise. We treated her portrait the same way for a unique look.

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Ask Denise: Potential Clients

Q: “Denise, I have some would-be sellers who reached out to me last year, but I haven’t really kept in touch. I think now is a great time to list. Should I just call them? Send them a CMA? What do you think I should do?”

I have two answers for you. First, you should send them a specific report on what is happening in their neighborhood in terms of listings, pendings, and sales. Include information about what you are seeing in the neighborhood and what they need to know about your observations. Then follow up with a phone call.

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Lost your Mojo? Get it back!

Do you feel like you have lost your energy and mojo from the effects of a fast-paced, low inventory market?

If you feel like you have, you are not alone. Many agents are complaining of exactly the same thing after finding themselves exhausted from running around with buyers that keep losing during the frenzy of an aggressive multiple offer transaction.  There is nothing that can exhaust and depress an agent quicker than losing offer after offer for their buyers in a multiple offer.

If you have experienced this kind of market fatigue there are some things you can do about this. Read more »

Ask Denise: Hanging Baskets

Q: “Denise, I am thinking about bringing spring hanging baskets by my buyer clients’ homes who have bought in the next year. What do you think?”

A: I love this idea. I do encourage you to let them know that you are coming by before you just stop in. I also suggest you bring hooks and the hanging equipment as well as have some non-hanging options in the event the eaves won’t work for a hanging basket. This is a very nice touch!

April Content for Your Clients has Arrived

Decades of marketing has proven that consistent, monthly, mail marketing works and reinforces any other kind of marketing that you might do. As we do every month, this April we have three new articles that Club Zebra Pro members can send to their clients without attribution to The Lones Group. This month we have a look at how national inventory has changed and illustrate how that is affecting your local market. We have a second article that asks sellers if their home is working for them and encourages them to think less about market conditions and more on if their home fits their day-to-day living needs. Finally, we have a getting ready to sell checklist which can be used in a variety of ways for lead generation. As always, we have also provided shorter versions with text that fits on jumbo postcards. Get your April content here.

Design Spotlight: Marilyn Ferris

This week’s design spotlight features the brand of our CUSTOM SIGNATURE client Marilyn Ferris, from Seattle, Washington. Marilyn worked in high-end cosmetics retail, and needed a brand that fits her classy style. She wanted an elegant and understated design that centered around a unique monogram. It is repeated as a chic watermark on select pieces. The monogram provides the perfect bridge between her magazine-style serif font and ornate script font. Strong bars divide the header and footer from the body with the high contrast between rich gold and deep bronze.

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Tax Pressure!

April 18 (tax day this year) is coming up quickly and many of us are experiencing the nail-biting tension of getting receipts and forms in order. If there’s any time of the year that forces us to face our own shortcomings with a head-on vengeance, it’s tax day.

The below lessons are not just relevant right now in the height of tax season (or months from now if you already threw in the towel and filed an extension), but are lessons that will help us every day of the year:

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Ask Denise: Marketing & Listing Process

Q: “Denise, I have a seller couple who will have their listing ready to go in the next two weeks. This is fantastic. However, they are insisting that I create one of those 3D walkthroughs that they have seen online. Not only is it not cheap to do this, because of the kind of market we are in and what I expect will be the buyer for that home, I just don’t see that it will be necessary or effective. Am I behind the times and should buck up or is this really an extra that is nice and shiny but ultimately won’t help me sell homes?” Read more »

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