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Ask Denise: Community Service Event

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I was on your call last week when you suggested that we do a community service client event. I love this idea because I always felt that traditional client appreciation events were too much about me, as I am on the shy side. This feels right to me! What are some other kinds of activity-based community service events?

A:  I am so glad to hear you are thinking about this option! The first thing I would do is think about your interests. Do you like nature? Consider working on a local trail or park with your local Parks and Recreation department. Are you passionate about housing in your community? Get a group involved in a Habitat for Humanity build. What if you are interested in helping animals? You might consider contacting your local Humane Society and learning about service projects that you can take on or participate in. Maybe you were a Boy Scout or Girl Scout? Contact your local Troop and learn how you and a group of people can help.

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Community Service Client Appreciation Events

volunteers doing yard work

I am often asked what kind of client appreciation events are the most successful. I am a big fan of client appreciation events because they give you an opportunity to reconnect with your past clients. It is a time to celebrate your clients and to thank them for their business and loyalty.

I have helped agents plan and hold dozens of different types of events and I enjoy helping an agent find the right type of event for their personality and clientele. While most events include a nice venue, good food and some form of a program, they all can be an extremely powerful way of connecting with a lot of clients at once.

Of all the client appreciation event ideas I have helped implement, the one that I felt was the most powerful for making strong re-connections was the community service client appreciation event. This type of event model includes doing something good for the community and inviting your clients to join you.

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Ask Denise: Targeting People in Life Changing Circumstances?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I liked your suggestions about drumming up inventory… What do you think about the idea of tracking down people who are potentially going through a life change – kids going off to college whose parents may need to downsize, seniors retiring, or even Millennials who may need to sell their current smaller home and buy a larger home for their expanding families?

A: Now you are getting creative! Good work! This is a fantastic idea. Just remember, they may not be ready right when you send the letter, so I encourage you to create a special database for these individuals and follow-up with them on a regular basis.

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Low Inventory & What You Can Do About It

low inventory

It is no surprise to anyone that has been following the real estate industry over the past five years that we have arrived at a time of historically low inventory levels. When you take out all the short sales and foreclosures that used to make up a big part of the inventory and you sprinkle in a whole lot of eager buyers and you factor in the lack of new construction, you have the perfect storm for a low inventory market.

Real estate agents are experiencing multiple offers that they just can’t seem to win for their clients and frustration over their inability to make inventory magically appear.

So just what do you do when you are working in this type of low inventory market? The first thing you have to do is accept the fact that you are going to have to “move your boat” to find the fish! That means that you are going to have to find listings and present a compelling reason for sellers to want to list their homes. In this type of market the agents with the inventory are the agents who control their financial destiny and their frustration levels.

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Ask Denise: My Personal Aerial Drone?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, what would you think if I bought my own drone for aerial home photography?

A: While I applaud that you want to do something unique and special for your listings, but unless you have the special skills and training not only to take professional property photography, but also to operate a drone safely and legally, I would suggest you pass on this idea. You will likely have a photographer in your area who is skilled in taking this kind of aerial photography and it might be a better idea to hire them to take the photos.

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What Have You Mastered Lately?

Woman with tablet

Have you ever wondered why some agents seem to do so well in real estate while others seem to struggle continuously? What I have learned over the years of coaching and training agents is that real estate is a profession that allows for individuality and uniqueness. It also is a profession that attracts independent souls who want freedom and flexibility in their work life. The real estate agents that seem to do the best are the ones that have “Mastered” an area in their business.

The key to success in anything is to develop “Mastery” in your field. It could be Mastery of lead generation, client care, follow up or even research, but the one thing ALL top producing real estate agents have in common is that they have mastered an area of their business that helps keep business coming in and coming back.

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