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The Power of a “Wow!” Experience

Have you ever been “wowed?” When was the last time you had a business experience that made you want to get on the phone and call everyone you know to tell them about it?

I had such an experience recently. I had just finished teaching a class in Yakima. My associate and I faced a long trek home. We were tired and hungry.

We decided to find a place to eat in Ellensburg, which was on the way home. Both of us had a hankering for Thai food, but figured there probably wasn’t a Thai restaurant in Ellensburg.

With curiosity, I took out my trusty iPhone and typed in “Thai Food Ellensburg” into Google.

Indeed, there was a place listed as “Sugar Thai Food” in Ellensburg. We pulled off the highway and found it.

Truth is, I wasn’t expecting much. My hopes were not high. If we had found mildly satisfactory Thai food that didn’t taste like it came from a mall food court, I would have been happy.

But was I ever in for a surprise!

From the outside, Sugar Thai looked like nothing special. Just an average restaurant in its exterior appearance.

But from the moment we stepped in the door, we felt magically transported to Thailand itself. The décor brought to life the sense of another part of the world in vivid detail—without overdoing it.

A young lady greeted us at the door. She was wearing a traditional Thai off-the-shoulder gown, shimmering in beautiful gold metallic fabric.

I immediately thought of how I am constantly telling agents to create a memorable experience right from the first interaction with a client. So far, this tiny and unpretentious Thai restaurant had done the very same thing with me. I was “wowed” from the first step through the door.

But that was just the beginning…

As we sat down and glanced over the menu, we were amazed at the number of choices. The options were endless, as if it would take a year to eat one’s way through the entire menu. As an added bonus, there was a mouthwatering picture of each dish next to its description. Visually stunning, they made us very hungry. Another point scored.

We ordered an appetizer and entrees. When the appetizer arrived, I could have sworn I was on one of those Food Network shows where people react to a gorgeous dish. I looked around for a camera, but couldn’t find one.

This appetizer looked like a sculpture—a true work of art. Even the carrots that decorated the edges of the plate were carved into tiny little flowers—many of them. Culinary beauty at its finest.

Then, we dug in. Unbelievable taste. With each bite, we fell more and more in love with the food and the restaurant. The experience was duplicated with the entrees when they arrived.

On top of all this, the manager personally visited our table to make sure everything was perfect. He was gracious and genuinely concerned. I watched him as he walked around his tiny little kingdom with an obsessive determination to make all his guests happy. Now that’s what I call a restaurant manager!

Overall, I was blown away. So much so that I highly recommend you visit Sugar Thai Food in Ellensburg whenever you’re in the area. They are located at 306 North Pine Street. Their phone number is (509) 933-4224.

Now… on to business. What does all this have to do with real estate?


What I experienced from walking in the door of Sugar Thai Food to getting in my car to drive home is the same feeling you should be generating with your clients.

The power of a “Wow Experience” will keep clients running back to you—as well as get them to tell everyone they know about you. Whether it’s the service you give or the marketing you present, everything you do comes back to what kind of experience you are creating for your clients.

With the artful Thai appetizer in mind, think about your buyers and sellers packages. Do they stun with their beauty and detail? Do they shout professionalism? Do they answer all the most common questions that buyers and sellers ask? They should cover all these bases and more.

How about when you take a client out in your car? Do you have beverages and snacks with you to offer them? Such a tiny (and inexpensive) little detail often creates a “Wow moment” that can truly cement the relationship between you and your client.

What kind of experience are you providing for your buyers? For your sellers? Is it five-star concierge-class service? If it’s not, then this should be your starting point for change as of today. It is only by looking at your business through the eyes and ears of your clients that you will be able to see what you need to do.

Just like Sugar Thai Food restaurant did with me, create a “Wow Experience” for your clients and they will wow you with repeat business and referrals.

By Denise Lones CSP, M.I.R.M.

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