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Ask Denise: Losing a Buyer

Denise Lones

: I’m a newer agent. Recently I lost a buyer because he called a listing agent whose name was on a yard sign, thinking that only that agent could help him see the house. He ended up writing a contract with her instead of me. Help!

A: It is critical, when dealing with your buyers, to have a frank discussion with them about why calling the listing agent may not be in their best interest. But this has to happen before you ever show them a home. That’s why you have to have a buyer presentation – and a buyer package. Not only do sellers need a presentation – buyers do too!

Buyers might be looking at houses with you every week. However it’s also natural for them to drive by a house with an open house sign in the yard and want to go in. It’s perfectly natural for them to drive by a FSBO and end up talking to the owner working in the yard. It’s normal for them to look at houses online and then drive by. In their minds, they may very well think they’re supposed to call other agents to look at other houses. That’s why it absolutely critical that you educate them on how you work with your buyers and the actions they should take if they wind up face to face with another agent.

If you don’t have a buyer presentation, then create one! If you have one and it’s not effective, then you need to update it.

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