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Video … it’s Everywhere!

I promised last week I would share a great story about a client of mine in this week’s Zebra Report … and that’s exactly what I’m going to do a little later. But first, let me set the stage …

Lately I’ve been thinking about the ‘good old days’ of video technology, when home-grown video were a new phenomenon. Exciting, yes, but the quality left something to be desired. The picture was often fuzzy, the audio was frequently garbled, and frequently the video would freeze part-way through.

My how things have changed!

Today, we have access to so much incredible video content.  And today’s video viewers have stepped away from the TV … and into their computers, netbooks, notebooks, iPads, and smart phones. Video is everywhere. Not only can we watch professionally produced movies, concerts, and television programming, we can also view amazing video produced by astonishingly creative people.

Video takes everything we do to a whole new level, especially in real estate. Video provides us with a whole new way to connect with our clients and our sphere, and with potential buyers and potential sellers. It gives us an opportunity to showcase homes, neighborhoods, communities and ourselves as agents.  Video even allows us to take people on a virtual tour of a home to experience the amenities and get a ‘feel’ for the home before ever seeing it in person.

I can’t say enough about video. Surprisingly, less than 1% of all real estate agents are using video in their marketing. Which is really amazing, because video will revolutionize the way we market and sell real estate! Each and every day I see new and creative ways that video is helping our industry reach out to the public.

And now, to the story about my client! Recently I was talking with one of my coaching clients, Van Cooper, about a video contest I’d heard about. The premise was to have agents develop a short, creative video that showcases the tools and systems they have used to create success in their business.

An agent who is great at tapping into possibilities, Van saw terrific opportunities when thinking about the contest.  As we talked, Van became more and more energized by the project, and the opportunity to showcase the advantages he brings to his clients. Between his custom branding, his marketing materials, his presentation skills, and his professional persona, he just knew he could create a stellar video. And I knew he could, too.

Because Van is a member of my EVOLVE coaching group he has already created systems and tools that have taken his business to a whole new level. All that remained was planning the most effective way to showcase them!

(Van created that video, and it’s amazing. But it’s not just a showcase for his tools and expertise. What I love most is that he brought his personality and style into the video. You quickly see the Van that I know – an agent who is dynamic, intelligent, and has a sense of comedic timing that makes me smile every time I see him.)

Back to the video contest … Van did create his video, and submitted it for entry.  And I am thrilled to tell you that he is one of the contest finalists. Take a minute to check out The Spy Who Listed Me.

Do I think he became a finalist because of his humor and video skills? Definitely! Do I think he became a finalist because he is able to show that he has superior marketing, superior tools, and superior service? Absolutely! Do I think agents can make an impact with video? You bet they can!

I believe that Van is a finalist in the video contest because he has worked extremely hard to: 1) build his tools and systems, 2) expand his confidence and professionalism, and 3) learn as much as he can about using video to enhance his business.  Finally, Van took action, rather than simply daydreaming about the possibilities.

If you haven’t taken a look at The Spy Who Listed Me and the other video finalists yet, please take a look now. The videos are less than 5 minutes in length, and are well worth the time. After you’ve watched the videos, take the time to vote for the one you like best. Each entry showcases the agent’s skills, personalities, and their level of professionalism very well.

Are you ready to either add video to your real estate toolbox, or take your video to a whole new level? Here are some tips:

  • Let your personality shine through. The more authentic and approachable you are, the more successful you will be in attracting potential buyers and sellers.
  • Make sure that your personality, and your content, is appropriate for your audience. You can quickly damage your reputation by posting video that you think is humorous or engaging – but the viewing public does not!
  • Study other real estate-related videos and determine what you like, and don’t like, about them. Use the good ideas in your own video.
  • Ask someone else to critique your work for you. There’s nothing better than a second set of eyes and ears to make sure your content is appropriate, and your quality is top-notch.
  • Ask your managing broker or your company whether there are in-house policies or restrictions that you should know about.
  • If you are posting video tours of listings, always get the sellers’ permission before you post online.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, video takes everything we do to a whole new level and has changed the face of real estate forever. Don’t shy away from it – embrace it!

Think about the many ways video can positively impact your business … and then create a plan for making it part of your real estate toolbox.

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