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Drumroll Please …

I am thrilled to announce the launch of “Club Zebra” –  the resource for real estate agents interested in building (or maintaining) a successful and sustainable real estate business.

Are you looking for a great real estate resource, industry experts, or a partner for success?

Well, look no further … because you’ve found it.  Welcome to Club Zebra!

Just as a physical structure requires cornerstones for strength and stability, so too does your business.  Club Zebra was built with four real estate “cornerstones” in mind, so much of our Club content is focused on the four key areas you must master in order to maintain a thriving business in any market.  As a result, you’ll find an emphasis on lead generation, follow-up, tracking potential income, and quality of life.  Of course, there are lots of other topics we’ll share in Club Zebra along the way – material that will help support your business.

We’ve packed Club Zebra with articles, recordings, statistics, tools, tips, and more – all designed to help you address the challenges you face in your business.  Our monthly themes will provide a framework and focus to help you get (or stay!) on track.  We’ll provide help with lead generation, effective client communication and care, staying on top of the opportunities presented by “almost now” clients, and quality of life.

In order to help as many agents as possible, we have created two membership tiers for Club Zebra.  One level, which is completely free of charge, offers access to the basic tools you need, including entrée to our “monthly focus” (more on that later!).  The Club Zebra Pro level provides unlimited access to all of the Club Zebra tools and resources.

Let’s take a look at several of the key elements of the free Club Zebra membership.

Monthly “focus”:
Each month you’ll find great information in this section – information focused on a single topic related to your real estate business.

We’ll provide you with a series of videos designed to help you master each of the monthly topics.  Then we’ll include a tool or tools to help you capitalize on what you’ve learned from the videos.    You choose which videos you want to play — and replay, again and again.  You select the tools that make sense for your business.  And if the timing of our monthly focus doesn’t match what’s currently a challenge in your business, no worries!  You’ll have access to each month’s focus topic throughout the year, so you can use the videos and tools whenever it makes sense for you.

The Zebra Blog:
A compilation of our past Zebra Reports.  We’ve also archived our past “Ask Denise” questions and our wonderful “Design Spotlight” segments here.

White Papers:
We are beginning to construct a library of “white papers” – a report or guide which provides information and / or helps you make decisions that impact your business.

More tools:
And there’s more!  Even the free level of the program provides access to some of the business-building articles and tools, “how to” audio files, tech tips, and lead generation systems         


Looking for more help?  We’ve got it covered!  The “Pro” level of our Club Zebra program is available for just $49.95 per month.  You’ll receive all the benefits of the free program, plus:

Accountability Tracking:
Accountability is often the bridge between success and failure.   People in every field perform at their highest levels by being accountable to someone – whether it’s a coach, shareholders,   or a supervisor.

Unfortunately, most real estate agents are not accountable to anyone except themselves, and that can spell disaster!  It’s too easy to kid yourself about the state of your business … too easy to promise yourself you’ll work on lead generation “next week” … too easy to “forget” to keep in touch with past clients … and too easy to put your need for a life filled with joy on the back burner.

That’s where Club Zebra comes in!  We’ll help you keep on track with these critical components of your business.  Participating in the accountability segment of Club Zebra is optional – we’re not going to force you to plug in.  But we hope that you’ll give our accountability tool a try!  We think you’ll find it’s a simple solution to a very large problem, and one that takes mere minutes to update each week.

Even more tools:
Three of our most powerful business-building tools – the Potential Income Tracker, the Master Marketing Plan, and the Database Goal and Income Calculator – are available only to the subscription level of the program.  These are must-have items in the toolbox of successful agents.

We’ll write newsletters and article that you can share with your clients – as if you had penned them yourselves (no need to credit us!)

Blog Content:
Blog content is on its way.  Are you struggling to create content to share?  We’ve got it covered.

Monthly call:
Join Denise and other Club members on our monthly Club call.  You’ll receive information and information in these valuable sessions.

Club Zebra members will be eligible for discounts from 20% to 75% on select Lones Group products and services.


So how do you get started?

The matrix below showcases the services available within both levels of the program.  Once you’ve decided which level best meets your needs, simply click the appropriate “add to cart” button, and we’ll begin processing your enrollment.  It’s that easy!   While there’s great content available within the free level of the program, you are likely to see best results via our easy pay-as-you-go subscription plan, which offers benefits exclusively to subscription holders.  Either way, the choice is yours!   And remember, the entry level of Club Zebra is absolutely free of charge.  There’s simply no reason not to join today!

Watch for future enhancements to Club Zebra.  We have several exciting programs we’ll be rolling out to supplement the Club in the coming months, and you won’t want to miss a thing!

I want all the exclusive benefits!
Sign me up for Club Zebra Pro, at $49.95 per month.

Let me start with your free Club Zebra membership,
with the option to upgrade in the future.


Whether you’re new to the industry and want to build your business or a seasoned professional, let us help you.  Content, coupled with convenience – that’s the Club Zebra difference.

Join Club Zebra today!

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