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One Size Fits All … Or One Size Fits None?

Over the years I’ve worked with thousands of real estate agents.  As you might imagine, during that time I’ve learned a thing or two about how agents work, how agents think, and the skills agents need to be successful.

Not surprisingly, the work that I’ve done with agents has cemented my belief that no two agents are the same.  From agent to agent, there are (and should be!) differences in their work rhythm, their lead generation, their follow-up styles, their personality styles, and their attitude about the business.

They’re all different!  Just as your DNA, your fingerprint, and your signature are uniquely yours.

Why then do so many agents pay for coaching where they’re taught a formulaic set of steps to follow, whether or not those steps are right for their personality and their business?

You wouldn’t believe how many of my coaching clients come to me after they’ve coached elsewhere.  They’re frustrated.  They’re tired.  And they’re often overwhelmed.  You see, they’ve lost hope because they’ve spent their hard-earned money on previous coaching programs, and now they’re afraid to try again.

But some little part of them inside knows they need help.

All these agents need is a different formula, a different solution, a different prescription.  Of course, the fundamental cornerstones are similar from agent to agent (lead generation, follow-up, client care, technology), but the application must be different for each agent … because each agent is different.

If the actions you’re taking in your business won’t work for you long term, coaching of any type is a complete and total waste of time, energy, and money.  Unless you’ve got lots of all three to spare, I suggest you only invest in coaching that recognizes your unique abilities.

For coaching to be effective in helping you build a strong and sustainable business, you first have to figure out what you bring to the table.  That means looking at who you are, what makes you tick, your innate strengths (and challenges), what you like to do, what you will not do … and developing your plan around you.  A successful coaching program doesn’t just allow for idiosyncrasies; it is built on the belief that what’s unique about you can work to your advantage.

That’s the formula my company uses when we coach agents.  Whether they’re looking to increase their income, decrease the time they work to improve their quality of life, or want to master the arts negotiation and conflict resolution, we begin our coaching process by looking at what’s unique about you!

You may have heard the buzz about our EVOLVE coaching program.  It’s unique in the industry, because it is built on the precept of individuality, within the framework of the core components every agent must have.   EVOLVE takes agents on a journey of transformation, where we work toward their end goal – not ours.

During the journey, you’ll begin on the same path … but you’ll take different forks in the road before ending at your destination.

It’s like turning 20 people loose in New York City, and asking them to arrive in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Some will travel by air; others will drive.  A handful of people will take the bus, and some will ride a bicycle or motorcycle.  You’ll have the odd person decide to walk … or go by horseback.  Who knows – someone could take a Segway … or a burro.   You can get there by crawling, or by hot air ballooning.  Everyone will have a unique journey, and all will reach their destination.  But their experiences along the way  will be vastly different based on who they are and how they’ve decided to travel.

I could write for hours about EVOLVE, and how the program has helped the agents who have invested in it.  But instead of reading my words, why not listen to three short videos where I talk about the results EVOLVE has made in the lives of the agents who join us.  You’ll find them at:

I’ll be sharing more details about EVOLVE in the coming weeks.  If you’re business isn’t what you want – or need – it to be, maybe it’s time to EVOLVE.

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