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Ask Denise: Open house sign-ins

Denise Lones

Q:   Denise, two agents in my office attended your “Unforgettable Open House” class last week, and I overheard them saying that you taught agents never to have visitors sign in at an open house.  That’s the opposite of what I’ve been taught … so what is the correct answer?

A:   I think it is offensive to ask visitors to sign in “for security reasons” when they walk in the door at an open house.  First, unless you are checking identification at the door, it’s laughable to think you have high security measures in place.  And really, who wants to be told they’re a security risk?  Second, visitors know exactly why you want them to sign in – so you can get contact information.  Pouncing on visitors and asking them to share personal information is inappropriate to do the moment they walk in – and it’s why many agents report that the have received fake names and numbers from open house visitors.

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4 Responses to “Ask Denise: Open house sign-ins”

  1. Marianne Hofmann says:

    I always have guests sign in at open houses. They never object and I always receive correct names, addresses, etc. I just ask “Would you mind signing in?”.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Thank you for the feedback Marianne. While it sounds as though you haven’t had anyone ask why they need to sign in … if they did ask, what would your response be? I’m just curious! How would you position it as a benefit to the visitor?

      • If someone did ask why I’m asking them to sign in, I think I would say that I can keep them informed immediately of homes that meet their needs. I also don’t feel comfortable letting someone through an open house without knowing who they are. Of course, it benefits me, to have their contact information as I have sold quite a few homes to buyers attending an open house.

        • Denise Lones says:

          Sounds like you’re one of those rare agents who has been able to get “real” sign-ins Marianne, and that’s great. I just know that most of my clients have not had good results when they’ve tried this technique. If it’s working for you, keep it up!

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