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Cari McGee’s Story

Cari McGee

Hi, Denise and Crew!

I live in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. I am a real estate broker with Windermere Real Estate/Tri-Cities and I LOVE it!

You came to town in the beginning of 2010, I believe, and taught a class. Please forgive me for not remembering the name of the class, nor everything that was taught. What I remember most specifically was an exercise wherein we created a “wheel”, comprised of different facets of our business. If any given section of the circle was not fully fleshed out, that was an area you needed to work on. If your wheel was “flat”, your business was not running as effectively as it could.    

Until that day, it had honestly never occurred to me that someone could have a steady stream of business. I had thought it would always be in fits and starts. You helped me to see that if I had programs in place, and if every facet of my business was equally monitored and maintained, I could truly “run it”. I could make it work to my advantage and not worry about when my next paycheck would arrive.

Thank you for that! It changed my perspective on my career and how to manage it. I feel very grateful that I took that class and learned that lesson.


Cari McGee
Broker, CRS




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  1. […] CARI MCGEE – Cari hails from the Tri-Cities where I taught a one-day Safari. In class we did an exercise that showed the health of a variety of areas of an agent’s business –  technology, marketing, client care, etc, and how by taking care of all those different facets of their business can create a steady stream of business. This was a shift in mindset for Cari who hadn’t thought about how she could control her stream of business. Read Cari’s story here. […]

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