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Kate Pedersen’s Story

October 31, 2012

Dear Denise, Shauna and Laura,

Let me start off by saying, this is first real estate education investment I have made that I feel is worth every penny. It is a phenomenal experience. I have to admit, I was scared at first…I wasn’t sure why … but now I know… painlessly I had an exponential break through. Fear of getting to the other side can hold you back.

I have been wanting to write this story for several months, to let you know how meeting you has not only changed my career but changed my life.   

When I first met you, I was burnt out. I was trying and trying and could never make real progress. Two steps forward and two steps back … consistently. From our first call I felt the change. I started reading the news every week and sending my potential clients news articles once a month with a personal note.

I wholeheartedly embraced the systems you taught and made them part of my daily, weekly, monthly and annual routines: the Dino book, the annual reviews, how to start my first farm and creating the farming “bible”, my branding and the quality materials, the open house presentation board and the open house tour, a real quality CMA, how to work with different personalities, my biography, what to research and where to look to be an expert, how to word ideas to get my message understood, ideas for monthly mailings, using a clipboard for my buyers and offering them snacks, tracking pending ratios every Monday, changing my voice mail message daily, re-looking at my quality of life, reaching out to my potential clients weekly, being less scared of conflict, feeling confident in my pricing and giving my clients superb care.

You make it simple by showing me the exact steps and being there if I ever have a question. And there have been times when I needed help with situations and you have been there 100% with answers and wonderful encouragement.

I fell in love with my brand, “simple and elegant”. I want to show the world who I am now! I really love getting ready for listing appointments, open houses and meeting buyers … to let them know who I am and that how I work is a little different, in fact it’s extraordinary. I feel very polished and professional.

I am an expert! I know how to research appreciation, how to price right, how to understand local markets and am learning how to communicate my systems and knowledge to my clients.

My excitement creates an enthusiasm within my clients. It’s an ever growing circle that I’ve never felt before.

I recognize the big change is CONFIDENCE. Confidence in how I work, confidence in what I know and confidence in my presentations.

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