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“Tell Me” Contest…The Results Are In!

Gold, Silver, and Bronze Lones Group Medals

This week we had a big challenge in our office. We had asked agents to submit their success stories for our “Tell Me” contest…those who had found inspiration in one of my blogs, classes, calls, or coaching groups. We were overwhelmed by the number of fantastic and compelling entries. Frankly, I was floored.

We read. We watched. We categorized. We took notes, trying to determine who would win first, second, and third. This was not an easy task as there were a number of entries that really stood out.

I would have loved to give everyone who entered a prize as I was moved by each and every entry. But due to the volume, that just wasn’t possible. Some agents implemented lead generation systems in their business and now have a lead generation faucet that they can turn on and off when needed. Others were able to change their mindset after attending a class. Still others incorporated my conflict-resolution tools and it has changed the way they handle conflict.

Below we have highlighted the most inspirational stories in the different categories.


JOHN FIALA – John learned about the power of watching market pricing trends using active listing to pending ratios and pricing in our EVOLVE class. Since then he has tracked these ratios weekly and makes it a routine to post this information on his blog and social media outlets. Watch to learn more!


SARAH MOSLEY – Sarah had been farming a neighborhood in West Seattle for a number of years, but she attended one of my classes and purchased my Geographical Farming system which caused her to change the content she was sending out. Developing her custom brand was the icing on the cake. The changes were very effective – take a look at her results!

TERRY VON MOOS – Terry’s shared several changes she has made over the years, but it started with when she implemented an expired listing campaign that  I helped her set up. She shares how her success in that area impacted not only her business, but her life. Her story is a great one!


KATE PEDERSEN – Kate’s story and transformation is amazing. Wow! There are so many concepts, principles, and rules she has incorporated that it changed her business by leaps and bounds. Read Kate’s story.

MARIE DAVIS – Marie has been to many of my classes over the years, has been a member of Club Zebra, and owns several of my CDs (she says she has them in her car!). Like many agents, Marie has faced the ups and downs of the business, but seems to find inspiration in our company when she needs it most. How did Marie find inspiration? Read more!


LIS BROWN – Lis has coached with me for a number of years and what a change in not just her business, but her life. From learning how to set rules in her business to speaking her truth and really, really making her family (and her dogs!) a priority, Lis has made an across-the-board transformation.

NINA BJORNSTAL – Nina’s story started when she learned about conflict – what her natural conflict style was and how she could compose herself even better. She also incorporated research tools, time management, and branding and it has made an incredible difference!


CARI MCGEE – Cari hails from the Tri-Cities where I taught a one-day Safari. In class we did an exercise that showed the health of a variety of areas of an agent’s business –  technology, marketing, client care, etc, and how by taking care of all those different facets of their business can create a steady stream of business. This was a shift in mindset for Cari who hadn’t thought about how she could control her stream of business. Read Cari’s story here.

JOE MANN – Joe was at a class of mine in Spokane where I shared a lot of market information and stats. Due to the information I shared, his mindset switched from feeling negative about the market to feeling much more positive and realizing the housing market was indeed improving. Read about Joe’s mindset switch.

What is the common thread among all the entries?


Confidence in knowing how to price. Confidence in knowing how to handle conflict. Confidence about the materials they are sending to their clients. All of these agents had an increase in confidence due to what they have learned.

Our overall winners are:

  • 1st Place $1,500 in Zebra Bucks: John Fiala
    John, your video is a work of art! And your ongoing work and consistency with the ratios? Wow!
  • 2nd Place $500 in Zebra Bucks: Sarah Mosley
    Sarah, your consistency in working your geographical farm is amazing!
  • 3rd Place $250 in Zebra Bucks: Kate Pedersen
    Kate, I was so touched by your entry and I am so proud of the hard work you have accomplished this year! You have incorporated so many things over the last year and there is more to come.

We are also honoring the following agents for their incredible entries. Each of them will receive $200 in Zebra Bucks on their account to use for branding work or tools for their business, coaching, classes, Club Zebra membership, or our products:

  • Terry VonMoos
  • Marie Davis
  • Nina Bjornstal
  • Lis Brown
  • Cari McGee
  • Joe Mann

I want to thank each and every one of you who entered. I am sure your stories will be an inspiration to others … and they certainly have inspired me!

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