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Ask Denise: Business or Personal Facebook Page?

Q:  Denise, I have a Facebook business page that I made a while ago, but I haven’t been posting to it regularly at all. I only have about 15 people who have liked the page anyway. I do have about 400 friends which include both friends and family, but also past clients. Should I continue to build my business page or just include some real estate postings on my regular profile?

A: This ultimately depends on you and how you feel about mixing business with personal. I have some client agents who would never feel comfortable about posting about real estate on their personal profile because they felt like they were soliciting business. However, I have many other client agents who mix business with their personal posts and it fits them to a T.

If you are on the former part of the spectrum – keep business and personal separate, then you should consider building your business page up. The challenge that many business pages have is getting people to “like” it in order to build that audience. That  can be done through inviting your past clients to like your page or even paying for promotion. This might take some time and vigilance on your part to get those numbers up.

However, don’t assume that if you get more likes then that means leads will magically begin to appear. The goal should be to deepen the connections you already have and open the door for more connection opportunities via spreading a wide leads net. A Facebook business page is not a substitution for connecting with past and potential clients.

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