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Ask Denise: No Time?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I am juggling eight transactions right now and have been barely keeping my head above water since spring. I don’t see a break any time in the foreseeable future. My house is a disaster. My kids can’t live off pizza forever. I know it is time to hire an assistant, but I am afraid to make that commitment. What happens if my business goes down again?

There are a few things you can take some action on right now that won’t take much time and will help you feel more in control.

1.  Hire a housekeeper. Whether you have someone come in once a week or once every two weeks, take the time to make some connections and bring someone in. If you have been involved in all these transactions, you likely have the money now to do this for you and you need to leverage your time.

2.  You didn’t mention how old your kids are, but perhaps calling a family meeting and working on a solution for dinners as a family would be a good plan. If the kids are in middle school or older, there is some prep they can handle or even some light cooking (such as scrambled eggs and pancakes, grilled cheese and soup, quiche, or sandwiches). Alternatively, getting together on a weekend and prepping meals for the week is another effective strategy – and it builds togetherness as a family and gives your kids ownership.

3.  You need some help in your business to do those things that will continue to bring you clients. Think about your past clients. Think about your potential clients. Are there some tasks that a new assistant could take on that would set the stage for future business? That might help you feel more secure in hiring someone if they are essentially responsible for their own job security.

You have to use your time effectively and efficiently if you want to continue at this level. Don’t be afraid of change, just be smart about how you grow.


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2 Responses to “Ask Denise: No Time?”

  1. Jane Maxson says:

    I second Denise when it comes to a house cleaner. I have someone come in everyother week and it has helped a ton. I also have someone come in once a month, just to keep up with weeds in the yard during the summer. The BEST thing I have implemented is hiring a transaction coordinator. As soon as I get a sale under contract I send her the paperwork, she takes care of the day to day paper tail issues and that has helped immensely. Only $300 a transaction, so if I have down time I am not spending money. Would be happy to share her contact information.

    • Denise Lones says:

      Jane – Thank you for this GREAT comment. Delegation is key – not just to maximizing your available time for money making activities, but to saving time for quality of life. Thank you! – Denise

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