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Design Spotlight: Acton Hartzell

This week’s design spotlight features MASTERY agent Acton Hartzell, from Stanwood, Washington. Acton wanted a brand to help him appeal to buyers and sellers in his local luxury demographic. Dark backgrounds, rich backgrounds, and a strong logo make up this sophisticated brand.

The crisp linear design indicates Acton’s business values, highlighting that he is a direct, straightforward communicator. The straight lines are divided by an abstract eagle logo, which symbolizes courage, strength, freedom, and perception, which are other strong values Acton brings to each transaction. The cheerful and friendly royal blue gradient compliments the weathered silver. Aside from vibrant color, the header and footer feature metal textures, often seen in the modern construction industry. The dark cascading background emphasizes his professionalism and luxury specialty. This brand features a modern headline font and an easy-to-read body font. His name treatment is his own handwritten signature, for an extra personal touch.

The Hartzell Homes brand brings a new look to this untapped luxury market, and confirm that Acton’s core values go beyond aesthetics.

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