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Ask Denise: Farming Strategy

Q: “Denise, I have been sending letters to a specific area of 200 homes for nine months now. I did the research before I started – there was no established competition in the area and the area had a good turnover rate. I haven’t received any calls yet. What should I do? Should change what I am mailing? Should I give up? What should I do?”

I would definitely introduce another type of mailer (such as a postcard), change up your format, and or alter the content. If you have done the research and there are listings coming on the market, then you just haven’t hit the right message OR these sellers were already working with other agents before you came into the picture. I recommend you stay the course, but make some changes. Remember, it is all about their timing. It may have nothing to do with you. Good work!

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  1. I have been mailing postcards to my farm area for a few years and have obtained many of the listings to be had in that neighborhood. Being persistent has paid off. When another agent has sent a postcard or letter, they are pretty generic, and the postcards are small. I ALWAYS do the jumbo sized cards. If I don’t have specific information to mail out, then I will do a holiday card or something like that. But the key is consistency and standing out. And the jumbo sized cards do that.
    I hope it pays off for you soon!!

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