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Turn Off the News and Get Back to Work

I have been overwhelmed with concern from many of my clients about the state of our country now that the election is over and we have a new a new President. I work hard NOT to discuss politics and I will adhere to that rule in this week’s Zebra Report. BUT… I do need to address how some real estate agents are being affected by the constant barrage of media and news stories about the new President.

Whether you are a Republican or Democrat, whether you are thrilled or deeply disappointed by the newly elected President, one thing is for sure: This election may be providing you with too many distractions that could be costing you thousands of dollars.

A client of mine recently admitted to me that it was so hard to focus on work when there was so much going on each day with the news reporting on every single move the new President has made.

When ANY new issue, or life event, distracts you to the point where you are neglecting the important things you need to be doing, you need to start EDITING those things out of your life.

STOP obsessing on what is happening in Washington right now if it is paralyzing you from moving forward in your business! It is one thing to want to be up to date on what is happening in the world but it is unproductive to just sit in front on the television watching constant replays of the same news stories day in and day out.

Focus on your business, your clients, and turn off the news! Now, turn your attention back to your business. Here are some productive things you can do right now to reengage:

1) CONNECT – Reach out and connect with your past and potential clients right away. Send your past clients a great mailing where you talk about what is going on in the market and where there could be opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Making connections with your database keeps you top of mind with your clients which is essential for growing your business.

2) ANNUAL CLIENT REVIEWS – Send all of the clients you have sold a home to in the past 5 years an in-depth analysis of how their neighborhood has done in terms of price appreciation. Buyers love to know that the investment they made is increasing in price. Here is additional information on this report.

3) GET ORGANIZED – If you find yourself in front of the television wasting too much time watching all those news stories, turn off the TV and start organizing one file at a time, one drawer at a time, one desk at a time or one room at a time. There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you remove clutter and organize your world!!!

The important message here is to stay away from ANYTHING THAT hurts your MOJO!! Get empowered by taking action in your business. As a real estate agent it is critical that you protect your state of mind as that is your real money maker!

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