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My Ideal Real Estate Agent

…direct from the horses mouth!

I recently received calls from two different friends of mine telling me that they are thinking of either buying or selling.  They asked me if I knew of a good real estate agent and I asked them what they defined as “good” and what they wanted and expected in the person I would refer them to.   I think this list represents a common theme I heard after two very different conversations.  The list also represents some of the most common traits of the top agents that I have the pleasure of coaching and training.   I was surprised to hear that some of the most important qualities these potential clients were interested in had little to do with real estate and a lot more to do with good old fashioned exceptional client care.   Here is the list of what these potential clients told me they want in their agent:

I want an agent that doesn’t just send me listings from the MLS, I want the agent to REALLY know the inventory. I want an agent that knows the area that my home is in; I don’t want an agent who is just trying to get my listing.  I want experience and I want expertise.
I want an agent who knows how to prepare my offer to win in a multiple offer situation. When my home is listed I want to be kept up to date on all of the activity.
I want an agent that lets me look at properties the way I like to look at properties.  I don’t just want to drive around with my agent, I want some control. I want to hear my agents voice, I don’t’ just want to be emailed or sent text messages I want to talk to the person that I hired.
I want an agent that has an opinion on the market and knows what they are talking about.  I don’t want a YES person. I want to get maximum exposure for my home.  I want an agent that doesn’t scrimp on their marketing just because they believe the home will sell quickly.
I want an agent that will put everything else aside and help me get my offer written when I finally do find the house I want to buy. I want an agent that knows how to negotiate and make sense of multiple offers.  I want an agent who makes me an excel spread sheet clearly showing me the pros and cons of each offer.
I want my agent to communicate with me the way I want to be communicated with, not the way they are used to communicating. I want an agent who is willing to do open houses even this hot market, I want maximum exposure for my home.
I want an agent that is detail oriented.  I don’t’ want any mistakes made when it comes to my offer and I don’t want any surprises. I want an agent that knows how to manage the pending to closing process, I don’t’ want to lose my good offer because of poor follow through after the offer is accepted.
I want an agent that actually has time to devote to my home search; I don’t want an agent that is juggling me and too many other clients. I want an agent that gives me written updates along the way.   I want an agent that has a proven system that works.  I don’t want an agent that just wings it.

You can see from this list that buyers and sellers want to be treated well and they want good old fashioned client care and good communication.  What do you need to change about the way you are working with buyers and sellers to deliver the kind of service they want and need in today’s fast paced market?

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