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The Quiet Mind: Critical Tips for Peak Performance

A personal practice I have done for over 20 years is called my Hour of Power. It is a time where I sit in my office every workday for one hour of uninterrupted time.

I do this so that I can focus on key tasks that I need to do without ANY interruptions. I don’t look at emails, I don’t answer any phone calls and I do not surf the net. I get rid of ANY and ALL distractions and I allow my mind to be clear of all the noise and clutter which would otherwise derail my efforts. I quiet my mind and focus ONLY on tasks that need to get done or projects that are large in nature that need to be tackled on multiple sessions to get them done.

My Hour of Power is not only productive, it also relieves the stress of just having too many “to dos” in my head. It is the single most important thing I do in my business. I am more productive in that single hour of my day than any other time and allows me to focus and work at a higher level throughout my day. It is powerful and it is what has led to my own personal success over the years.

With all the noise we have around us at all time, with our need to be connected at all times, and with all the distractions we encounter it is almost impossible to quiet the mind long enough to be productive through the day. You have to carve that time out for your mind to be able to be still so it can focus on what needs to get done. It is CRITICAL to allow your mind a period of silence from all the distractions and the noise to be able to perform at its highest level.

Have you ever found yourself working on an important CMA that you are rushing to get done for that critical appointment in the middle of the day only to find yourself ready to pull your hair out because the phone is ringing, your email and text notifications keep distracting you and your dog won’t stop barking? That is BRAIN OVERLOAD. Now imagine that you are sitting in a quiet office, no emails, no phone calls, the dog is locked away. There is no noise; it is still and quiet – just you and the data you need to complete the CMA. I guarantee you will do a more thorough CMA quicker and you will feel great when it is done. That is because you did it with a quiet mind.

I challenge you to watch my Hour of Power video to see how I organize my world, both personally and professionally. No, you don’t have to wake up at 4:00 in the morning to do this. But you do need to pick a time and a space that works for you. I have found that agents that set up a space that they like, that is serene and that gives them that privacy do extremely well. Enjoy a peak into my daily routine.

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3 Responses to “The Quiet Mind: Critical Tips for Peak Performance”

  1. Shari Stringer says:

    Loved this! Thank you for sharing and I loved that it was on video too.

  2. Great video and I enjoyed seeing how you organize your notebook. Love your pj’s too.

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