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Video: The Next Best Thing in Real Estate Marketing

Most real estate agents are familiar with doing videos to market their listings but they stop there. Videos for marketing yourself, your services, your area of specialty, your market knowledge and buyer and seller tips are just a few ideas for using video in your business.

Videos allow potential clients the opportunity to get to know you before they even meet you. Many agents that use this type of video in their business report that they are contacted to come and list a client’s home without ever meeting or speaking with the client before. When the agent asks the potential client where they heard about them or if they were referred by someone they respond by saying that they had watched some videos they had done and felt comfortable with them.

Agents however are very reluctant to do video for a whole host of reasons. Some are not comfortable being in front of the camera while others are scared of the technical side of editing a video. Whatever you reason for not doing video I highly recommend you either get the technical training you need or find a video format that works for you so you can be comfortable doing video.

Probably the easiest way to create a simple and fast video plan is to have a weekly them for your videos. The videos only need to be a minute or two. These videos need to consistent and they need to be themed. Following a weekly theme allows the buyer to get used to your style and to look forward to watching your next edition.

Here is a simple plan for doing a weekly short video for your business.


Week 1
On the first week of the month I suggest doing a video that summarized the previous months  market. In the ongoing monthly feature you could talk about that current months data but also discuss how it compares to the previous month.   You could discuss current inventory and current days on market numbers and then show a graph of the previous month’s numbers and have the current numbers highlighted.   This shows an ongoing tracking of the market.

Week 2
Week two of the month I see you tackling a question. The reason I like doing the question and  answer format is because it allows you  to show potential clients how you think and how you respond to challenges.   The key to great videos is about bringing your personality to life.

Week 3
This week I would like you to focus on anything to do with real estate news, things that are current in the market, community news. This needs to feel like a news report about real estate.

Week 4
Every month I would like to see you follow a theme. Make this a “meaty” section that really shows your expertise and ability to connect. If you are going to focus on open houses for example then make sure to make the content relevant for both buyers and sellers. For example:  Theme Open Houses – make sure to speak about open houses from both the sellers and buyers perspective. Tell the listener everything they need to know about open houses, pros, cons, everything that you feel is relevant about the topic. Viewers LOVE the inside scoop on the real estate industry. This is your opportunity to really showcase what you know for your readers.

Adding weekly videos to your business could be the best investment you have made in your business lately.

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