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Ask Denise: Phone Etiquette

Q: “Denise, my wife and I work together (we are a real estate team). We have happily worked together for a number of years. In the last few months, she has indicated that I am not answering the phone as she would like. I answer with a hearty, “Hello!” which she says is too exuberant and puts people off. She would prefer it if I said, “Good morning (or afternoon). This is Ron. How can I help you today?” But it just doesn’t feel like me. I know – happy wife, happy life, right? But I just can’t get all those words out. You are the tiebreaker.”

A: I definitely don’t want you doing something that doesn’t feel natural to you, but I can also see where a loud hello might throw me off if I was calling. Sometimes, even when we have placed the call, it can take us a second or two to collect our thoughts when the phone is answered.

So here is my directive to you – can you add something to your “Hello” that does sound like you and gives the caller time to think? “Hello, Ron speaking” or “Hello, this is Ron” are both good options. I definitely don’t want you to lose the “Hello” if it is your signature greeting. Give that some thought and I would love to hear what you come up with!

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One Response to “Ask Denise: Phone Etiquette”

  1. “You are the tiebreaker.” No pressure! Ha ha! Ahhh, that was a good answer, Denise. I think I would have answered the same way because each agent needs to have their own style but also be professional to let a person gather their thoughts as you said.

    Have a GREAT day!

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