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Ask Denise: Not a Fan Fan

Q: “Denise, I would like to start by saying that I hate ceiling fans. I hate the way they look, I hate sitting in a room with one on me, and when they are on high speed, they freak me out. However, I have a client who will be listing her home this upcoming summer and her ceiling fan croaked at the end of last summer. She wants to know if she should replace it or not. I like the idea of replacing it with a nice accent light, but honestly, her house is very hot in the summer and gets very little cross-breeze. What would you do?”

A: There are others who share your disdain for ceiling fans, but when a house is hot, there needs to be a way to get some relief. If a cross-breeze is not an option, then she may be able to install a single-room heater/air conditioning unit, but that wouldn’t be an expense that many homeowners want to take on before selling.

If it were me, and without seeing the space, I would replace the ceiling fan. It is the least-expensive option that fixes the problem. The next buyer may come in and add air conditioning in the whole home, so unless the seller is willing to look at that option, then stick with the ceiling fan. There are some snazzy ones out there!

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