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Finding Success Your Way!

I have never met two real estate agents that run their business exactly the same way. Each has their own personality, their own style and their own way of connecting with clients.

I am often asked if there is one perfect formula for building a real estate business. I would like to be able to say, “Yes, there is this one perfect formula, just follow it and you will be successful.” However, it is not that simple because agents are so unique. What works for one doesn’t work for another. What one agent finds easy to do others find difficult.

There are however some common denominators that successful real estate agents seem to possess in their businesses. The key is to find your fit and create YOUR FORMULA FOR SUCCESS.

What might work for another agent in your office could be the very worst thing for you to be doing. Trust your gut but analyze your results. If what you do is not getting you to where you want to be then you have to make the changes necessary to up your game.

Here are the first five of my top ten list for what seems to make the biggest difference in an agent’s business:

This is by far one of the most important elements of any successful agent I have ever trained. They know who they are and they are willing to overcome the peer pressure they have experienced trying to run their business like everyone else in their office. They are unique and they do things their way. They have finally figured out that in order to have the success they want they need to be true to themselves and trust their gut more. When an agent can tap into their uniqueness and use that as a benefit in their business they will start to thrive.

Every successful business has a brand. Try to think of a business that is successful that is not branded. I can’t think of a single one. Branding is crucial because real estate is a highly competitive market. Almost everyone knows at least three real estate agents. You have to stand out and your brand has to convey who you are so potential clients can easily decide if they can relate to you and if they want to work with you.

Concierge Client Care
Every person has a different definition of concierge client care but successful agents learn quickly that in order to provide it they need to listen carefully and personalize their client care to match each client. Get to know your clients’ communication preferences, searching preferences, and data preferences. One client might want data-rich information while another just wants to talk to you on the phone for five minutes. Concierge client care demands the very best of an agent and successful agents deliver it.

Database Upkeep
Successful agents know that their database is their gold mine and they tend to it like a garden. They add new names regularly, they purge names that need to be removed and they stay in contact with their database. They have a system of regular contact and upkeep with their database and it is the one thing they are diligent about. They know that what they do today will pay off in big dividends in the years to come. They know that they can’t keep the level of business they do without caring for their database.

Systems Systems Systems
Systems are essential in an agent’s business for so many reasons. Agents need a system for lead generation, follow-up, client care, potential clients, data management, file management, and a dozen other challenges. You get the idea. Without systems an agent “floats” from one transaction to the next hoping that they remembered to do everything that is on their mental checklist. Systems reduce stress and improve efficiency in an agent’s business. I could not run my business or my personal world without them.

This is the first five of my list of ten. Check back next week as we finish our discussion of the top 10 list of what is making a big difference between thriving and surviving in this business: visual presentations, tech savvy, quality personal time, task awareness, and a willingness to work.

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