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Ask Denise: Jump-Start the Pipeline

Q: “Denise, I am a little bit concerned about my pipeline. This time of year it is usually overflowing, but right now, I only have two clients in there who are going to be ready in a month or two. What are some things I should do to get things moving?”

A: Although there are dozens of things you can do to jump-start a lagging pipeline, here are three items you can do right away:

1. Send your database (sphere, past clients, friends and family, potential clients, etc) an updated report on the market or on their home. Send this via the mail if possible. Then call to follow up, see if they have questions and offer to go over the findings in-person. They may be thinking of a move, but hadn’t told you yet and this can get the ball rolling. Additionally, that live meeting can turn into referrals because their report and your discussion will be top-of-mind.

2. Amp up  your lead generation efforts. What is your go-to lead generation method? Open houses? Geographical farming? Be prepared to increase what you are doing. If your go-to is open houses and  you usually do these on a Sunday, add a few twilight open houses or a Saturday open at a different time. If you do geographical farming and you usually send market update postcards, maybe it is time to add another layer of communication by sending a letter regarding supply and demand in their development.

3. Connections. This is very very important. With so many agents working at home it is very easy to miss connecting with people. Get to the office, offer to do floor time, go to City Council meetings, and get out there!

Furthermore, because it is easier to do a bunch of activity in a focused period of time and to judge the effectiveness of your outreach, commit to doing a three-week “blitz”. The goal is to ramp up your connections as outlined above for that three week period and at the end of that, assess your results.

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