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Ask Denise: Office Update Debate

Q: “Denise, this summer I have to – HAVE TO – update my office. I mean purge, get new furniture, get organized, paint, new rugs – the works! I feel like I really need to do this to calm my mind and be more productive. But my spouse doesn’t see why I need to do this and spend the money. How would you suggest that I approach him?”

A: Different people need different things out of their workspace. I cannot tell you how often my clients report that a complete office makeover was life-changing and certainly business-changing. If you need to have your office be a place of peace and refuge, then that is what you need to be productive.

Think about the amount of energy that is drained from you every day when you enter your office. Then think about the amount of energy you would have to devote to additional clients and lead generation. Do you think you would get one more transaction with that energy per year? Wouldn’t that pay for your remodel time and time again?

That is where you need to start with your spouse. What he needs from his workspace is different than what you need. You are likely very affected by your space. He isn’t. Everyone is different!

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