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Ask Denise: What About the Home Book?

Q: “Denise, I am working on my listing presentation project with your team right now and your team asked me if I use a Home Book. I remember this used to be a big deal many moons ago, but I haven’t seen one in years due to homes selling very quickly! Is this still a thing that we should do or is this passé since so much information is available online?”

A: You should absolutely do this because others don’t. It is still great information to have when a potential buyer is viewing a listing in-person or during an open house.

Here are some things that can go into your Home Book:

  • Property tax information and history
  • Sales history (if relevant)
  • Boundaries/surveys
  • Preliminary title report (showing easements, etc)
  • Utility information
  • Lease information (leased equipment such as propane tanks or solar panels)
  • Seller disclosure
  • Information on upgrades
  • Appliance information
  • Zoning

There are analytical people out there who love love love information and by providing it, you will be the go-to. It is well worth it!

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