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Palette Spotlight: Black & Gold

Today’s Branding Spotlight takes a closer look at the Black & Gold palette. Many clients love this classic color combo. It’s a high-contrast section that carries implications of luxury, wealth, and sophistication. But did you know that there are many different shades of black and gold? In its elemental form, gold can take on rose and silver tints that deviate from the usual yellow. Black is the “timeless classic” but it can be tinted and lightened ever so slightly to better compliment the overall palette. Together, it’s a high-contrast selection makes a confidant and definitive statement.

We’ve selected 3 palettes to show you how this elegant color palette has lots of room for creativity. First, “Dark Romance” is a great example of how black plus another dark shade can keep the background soft so that the rose gold elements catch the eye without shocking it. Next, “Ivory Charm” balances warm shades of silver and cream against an inky background. Finally, “Golden Delight” is a tasty reminder that not all that is gold must glitter, with rich cheesecake on dark charcoal. All three palettes are great adaptations on the black and gold theme.

No matter which shades you choose, your black and gold color palette is sure to be delightful.


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