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Ask Denise: Business Plan to Action Plan

Q: “Denise, I am just working on my business plan for 2019 and I know you are a big proponent of an action plan rather than just a business plan. I am thinking through how this could work for me. I have a list of stuff I want to accomplish in 2019 as well as stuff that needs to be taken care of every month. Do you think I should keep this in my Google Docs as a list? On a calendar? How do I track it?”

A: Great question! The answer is – however it is best for you to keep track.

See, everyone works differently. Some people live and breath by technology. Others work best with a list that is taped to a closet door, a task planner, or even a whiteboard. Some folks use a hybrid system. Here are some ideas:

  1. Put ongoing events (such as getting your database mailer out, getting receipts to your bookkeeper, or touching base with potential clients) on your calendar, but keep a physical list of the  things you want to accomplish in 2019 with you in your daily planner.
  2. Make a white board and list out all the tasks you want to get done on one side of the board and your ongoing deadlines on the other.
  3. Make a calendar event that you move forward each week with a list of things you want to get done.
  4. Make a special “2019 Projects” binder and make a tab for each project you want to get done. As you get documents and resources for each one, add them to the binder. Keep the binder in a visible location and access at least once a week.
  5. Have a spreadsheet with your one-time tasks on one tab and your ongoing deadlines on another.
  6. Keep track of everything in a bullet journal
  7. Make a graphic of a large thermometer. Give each project a section of that thermometer. Color in the completed projects so at the end of the year, the thermometer is full.

There is no shortage of ways to track your projects and tasks. But the key is finding one that is efficient and will work the way you want to work.

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