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Ask Denise: Don’t Doubt your Database!

Q: “Denise, the agent I share an office with is raving about her new CRM. It is online and very techy. I am generally not techy. I have my database in an Excel sheet which I can manage, but should I just go to a class and step up to this new system? It seems to really work for her.”

A: Unless there is something not working for you regarding the database, then you don’t need to make a change. What do you really need your database to do? Have the information to send out mail and email? Have contact information within a few clicks? Track birthdays and home-buying anniversaries? You can do all of that and more with your existing database in Excel.

Changing to a new vendor-based database program will cost you time and money. So before making a leap, make a list of what is not working with how you use your database. Then make sure you ask for a demo to make sure the database solution will actually solve the problems you are having before signing on the dotted line.

Don’t feel like you need to solve problems that are not really problems.

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