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The Last 90 Days Can Make or Break Your Year…and Set the Tone for Next Year

Every year around this time I hear from agents that are examining their current year’s production and are worrying about finishing the year strong.  After nine months of hard work it is normal for agents to get tired, lose some of their selling steam, and be looking forward to the holidays.  Most agents want a robust finish to their year, but often they are either playing catch-up from a busy year or they may be suffering from burn out. 

Agents who want a strong finish know they need to do something that will bring in business. But if you have been working hard during the first nine months, the mere thought of taking on one more thing might feel overwhelming.  So instead of focusing on a long list of things to implement to attract new clients, I recommend making a strong finish by choosing ONE thing that can have a monumental impact on your business. Remember, you still may have things to catch-up on, so just focus on one new thing. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Doubling down on your lead generation for three months
  • Host a client appreciation event
  • Create a robust client property report or Annual Client Review to send to your past clients, and offer a one-on-one meeting to go over it in person
  • Create a strong year end mailer to send to your entire database

Choose one thing and do it well.

When I was actively selling, I chose two things to focus on to ensure my last 90 days finished strong.  I am recommending you start with just one thing but I want to share the two things that I chose to do that always had a strong impact on my business.  That impact lasted well into the next year.

The first thing that I did was a client appreciation event on the first Saturday of December. I did a buffet breakfast with Santa that was ridiculously successful every year. I invited my entire database, my potential clients and even invited people from my farm area.  I made it clear that it was a drop-in so people could feel comfortable to come for 30 minutes or two hours.  Even though the event seemed to be a lot to be committing to at the end of the year, the success of that event always made me so happy I did it. It also allowed me to have great connections with my past clients.

The second thing I did was a year-end predictions mailer to my entire database.  In this mailer I presented a short review of the current market and then I included real estate predictions for the coming year.  My clients really liked this information and I always received great feedback.

Doing just one thing in your business can have a monumental effect on your business.  Don’t let another year go by without finishing strong.  So what is your one thing?

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