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Ask Denise: Support First

Q: “Denise, I have been sitting on this letter draft that you wrote but I haven’t sent it out. I am concerned about someone challenging me on the future impact to real estate. I feel like I need answers that I don’t have.”

A: Because none of us have a crystal ball, none of us have the answers and it would be ridiculous to expect you to have them. In fact, if you claimed to have the answers, that would be professional negligence! The goal of that letter – or frankly any communication you have with your clients – is to let them know that you are going to be there for them regardless of the circumstances. As I said on one of my recent calls, right now you have the opportunity to be a worrier for your clients or a warrior for your clients. You become a warrior when you are there for them, provide them with information, get answers to the questions they have if you are able (or point them in the right direction if you aren’t), and keep them up to date with that is going on in the market. Your showing up and being there for them makes a strong statement.

You don’t have to send out that letter if you aren’t comfortable with it. Send something from your heart. If you want focus less on information and more on an activity or something special you are doing (such as a weekly video or consultation via Zoom), then do that instead! Do something! Be a warrior!

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