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Ask Denise: Homeowner Equity Report

Q: “Denise, tell me more about this homeowner’s equity report to send to past clients that I have heard you talk about.”

A: The Homeowner’s Equity Report is a fantastic tool that can be added on to Annual Client Review or it can be a completely separate report that you send. Basically, you are showing what the property was purchased for, its approximate worth now, and the growth.

I like to even break the growth down into annual or monthly growth. Say your clients bought their home in fall of 2015 for $200,000 and now the value is $350,000. That is $150,000 growth over five years, $30,000 per year, or $2,500 per month.

The Homeowner’s Equity Report is a great way for potential sellers to understand how much their property may have appreciated – a great tool for someone who may be thinking about a move.

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