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Branding Spotlight: Understated Style

The last style in our tour is probably the most popular: Understated. With the minimalism trend dominating design in many industries, lots of people are leaning towards the simplicity and clean lines of understated styles.

Understateds have a “less is more” approach to design, finding delight in serenity and grace. The key to an effective understand design is to select one strong element, like a logo or graphic, and maintain subtlety throughout the rest of the design. Here are three ways different clients have applied an understated style to their branding:

  • Laurin Jones – A stark black-and-white palette with tiny floral embellishments in the corners make her branding memorable but minimal.
  • Lynn MacGougan – Muted green watercolor eucalyptus elements impart soothing and sophisticated energy on every page.
  • Mahan Residential –A modern logo with a slightly textured block of color unite for a great team design.

If you want your branding to have a little more umph, you can combine understated with any of our other design styles: Artistic, Bold, Classic, Dramatic, Eclectic, Natural, and Elegant. Check out our other design summaries, or take our free Design Style Analysis to find out your personal design style.

These design styles are intended to give you a direction for your branding that matches your personality and aesthetic. It can (and probably will) change over time, so if you have questions about updating an existing brand, reach out to one of our design specialists.

To talk to a branding expert and discover how branding can make a difference in your real estate business, call us at (360) 527-8904, email [email protected].

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