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Branding Spotlight: Karmin Pincus

Karmin lives and breathes her target niche: those serving in the armed forces and veterans. As a veteran and military wife, she is personally familiar with the relocating challenges faced by military families. Whether it is buying a home sight-unseen or coordinating with individuals in time-zones around the world, Karmin is always flexible and resourceful. She is obviously proud of her work, her service, and her clients.

The “secret sauce” when marketing to a niche is all in the details. Karmin has identified many ways to reach her niche market, and produces content that is tailored to their needs and style. For example, the images on the covers of her Relocation Package and Buyer Package resonate with her target market and indicate that there is relevant information inside. Could civilians work with Karmin as well? Absolutely! Her niche doesn’t limit her at all. In fact, it helps her focus her marketing efforts on the clients she wants to attract and work with.

Have you been thinking about marketing to a niche? There are lots of niches that go underserved, from geographic locations to housing styles and more. It’s easy to turn generic marketing into targeted niche marketing that showcases your expertise.

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