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About The Lones Group

The Lones Group’s customer care team is available to supply a variety of Denise Lones training supplies and systems unique to the business industry and specifically to those in Real Estate, including the key “36-Point System,” “The Complete New Agent’s Training Program,” “The Pricing System” and a number of “How To” educational and motivational classes. The design team can work with you to create memorable marketing pieces as part of innovative marketing systems that go beyond the initial identity items offered by many competitors. We offer a range of packages in different price ranges and our pieces include identity tools, home marketing tools, event-driven tools, book covers, technology tools and follow-up tools.

See how the Zebra team can work with you from start to finish — design to printing!

Why the Lones Group?

  1. Expertise. We have the expertise to meet the needs of those in the real estate world. Our President Denise Lones has more than 20 years in real estate as a trainer, an agent, and a broker.
  2. Experience. We have top designers who have produced hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing pieces for our satisfied clients.
  3. Care. We care about our clients and want to produce business analysis, reports, training, and marketing that will improve the way that you do business and solidify your position in the business world.
  4. Love. We want you to absolutely love what you get – and use it as a mainstay in your business.
  5. Value. Our pricing is commensurate with the experience we bring and competitive with the market.
  6. Communication. With our products and services we want to listen to what you want – and give that back to you. In the last year we have listened to our clients and implemented suggestions to streamline our system to be more effective and efficient to better meet your needs.
  7. More Value. While many companies produce a few stock pieces in a package, we produce packages of identity, follow-up, buyer and listing presentations, and so much more.
  8. Fast. We have an online gallery of fabulous designs for those who want a new look – and fast. The Instant Image Design Gallery simply needs you to provide your photo, logo and contact information. It’s that fast and easy.
  9. Stand out. Hire the Zebra company that knows how to position itself – and you – to Stand Out in a crowd.
  10. Why? Why wouldn’t you want to hire the firm that is small enough to know you, large enough to handle the load, has the expertise and experience to know what you need, the ability to hear what you want?

We are also the home of The Safari Club and the yearly Safari class. To sign up for the free weekly Zebra Report with helpful hints, tips and great savings of the week, visit our website at www.thelonesgroup.com.

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