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Ask Denise: Prep for 2020

Q: “Denise, I am looking forward to it being quiet for the next couple of weeks in my business. I will be doing some fun things with my family, but do you have any suggestions of how I can put a couple of days of quiet time to good use?”

A: I certainly do! In fact, if you have two full days to devote to your business, here are seven great things you can use that time for that will set you up for 2020: Read more »

December Client Mailer Content has Arrived

monthly mailer content from club zebra

December is one of the best times of the year to remind clients of your value through expertise and this December we have great content to help you do just that. First up, Denise’s 2020 Predictions! Always popular, always insightful, Denise’s facts-based analysis of the real estate market is full of interesting and expert knowledge, and we have condensed some of the best of her analysis into this article. Next, forewarned is forearmed when you educate your prospects on the most common reasons real estate contracts fall-through. And last up – tips for creating curb appeal even in the most challenging depths of winter. With such great options you might have trouble picking only one to send out this month.

As always, client content is attribution free for sending to your mailing list and perfectly sized if you have a branded article mailer that we made for you. You can find these and more in the Client Content section of Club Zebra.

Not in Club Zebra Pro? Sign up here for less than 10 bucks! Questions or suggestions for future articles? Email us at [email protected].

Listen, You Don’t Need that Stuff!

There isn’t a week that goes by that I am not asked about my opinion about a new bright shiny tool, CRM program, app, system or new lead generation that promises to revolutionize the way an agent does business. There are promises of increased income and solutions to every pain point an agent might have.

Although the one pain point that may be temporarily resolved is the pain an agent feels when they are in a desperate state and then think they have found their solution, the problem is that RARELY do these bright shiny options actually solve anything.  They do provide a fabulous distraction and they are incredibly effective at draining your bank account, but they rarely solve the problem long-term. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Theresa Lowe

The starting point: Theresa Lowe came into the Semi-Custom Pro branding with more than two decades of experience and a stylish monogram logo. She wanted to keep her established logo and color palette to maintain her existing brand image.

The target audience: Teresa’s goal is to continue marketing her residential real estate services to the Vancouver area. She loves the proximity to Mount Hood, the Pacific Ocean, and the Columbia River. Read more »

Ask Denise: Success! What Next?

Q: “Denise, I just did Photos with Santa event that allowed people to bring their pets to visit with Santa. My clients loved it! How can I do more to capitalize on this? Can I share some of the photos on social media?”

A: You should find out from your photographer if you can use the photos for your own marketing purposes and you should ask your clients if they are comfortable with their pets being on social media. If so, yes! I would use it on social media, do a mailer and thank your clients who came to the event, and I would use it in next year’s marketing. Go for it!

The “E” Word – It might be costing you business!

“I had a bad year because of the market.”
“My company didn’t support me enough.”
“There’s too much competition in the area I work.”
“I’m too new in the business to make a lot of money.”

ENOUGH! Do you have “Excusitis”? It’s a rampant disorder in the business world, characterized by frequent and habitual use of the “E” word – excuses. Read more »

Ask Denise: A Comfortable Groove

Q: “Denise, I am thinking of retiring sometime in about five years. I am at a point in my business where I am happy with the business I get from my past clients, friends, and family. I keep in touch with them every month with market updates. I want to start taking more time off every year. I have someone I refer business to. But I can’t shake this feeling that I should continually be doing more lead generation. I don’t want more business; I want to maintain my business. Am I missing the boat because I am not trying to ramp up like everyone else?” Read more »

Watching for the Perfect Real Estate Storm

Sometimes an area has both incredible buying and selling opportunities –  a very rare occurrence.  I call these occurrences the perfect investing storm. Many areas have just come into that storm.  Is yours one of them?

This perfect storm of opportunity occurs when inventory declines rapidly in a market where many homes have been sitting for an extended period of time. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Katie Dixon

The starting point: With a degree in residential design and an eye for craftsmanship, Katie Dixon is ready to take her new business by the horns. She has partnered with Brian Thompson, who has a background in construction and home building, and together they make up “BriKat.”

The target audience: Katie wants to focus a significant portion of her business on flipping homes, but also wanted a brand that would represent buying and selling clients when she is between projects. Read more »

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