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Ask Denise: Welcome Fall

Q: “Denise, I know this is crazy but I love fall! I love pumpkin spice everything, the cute pumpkins, apple cider…I love it all. I have been thinking of putting together a “Welcome Fall” package for my past clients. Do you think this is cheesy or a good idea?”

A: I think it is a great idea! I would include a letter that explains that you love fall and you wanted to share it with others. Now, I would suggest that if you decide to do it, you should do a version of this every year so you become known for this. Love this idea!

Stop Sugar-Coating It!

There is nothing as refreshing and at times terrifying as the truth. However, the truth is what your buyers and sellers need to make the decisions they need to make. At times those decisions are easy, other times they are very difficult. Different personality types need different things from you to help them with their decision making, but everyone ultimately does better when they are given the truth. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Les & Kathy Scott

The starting point: Les and Kathy Scott had a brand designed with us several years ago, but realized it was time to freshen up their look. Their original brand was dark and luxurious, but as their business evolved, they felt the black background and simple name treatment was no longer a perfect fit. They needed a sharp and memorable logo that contained their most recognizable brand element, a decorative knob graphic, that succinctly conveyed the professional energy of their business.

The target audience: Les and Kathy are proud to represent multiple generations of buyers and sellers, which meant they needed their business to come across as both structured and contemporary, with strong familiarity.    Read more »

Ask Denise: Postcard, Letter, or Social Media?

Q: “Denise, what is more effective for a farm: postcards, letters, or social media advertising?”

A: Great question! When I think of the most effective type of farming, I like to think in terms of layers and the more layers you can add, the more effective your connecting with the people in that farm will be. Remember, most of those folks don’t know you so it isn’t just about getting the information out – it is about creating a personal connection and sharing your expertise with them. Read more »

Club Call: Your Elevator Speech

We had a great call with Denise Lones this August on the topic of Your Elevator Speech. What do you say when someone asks you what you do for a living? Does your answer make them ask more questions or turn away awkwardly? We discussed the makings of a great elevator speech so that you have a solid and engaging answer ready next time someone asks you that question.

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You too can participate in our next LIVE Club Zebra Pro coaching call this September 17th at 9:00 am Pacific for The Sky Is Not Falling. It seems like not a day goes by that there isn’t a reason to throw in the towel on your real estate career. From misbehaving agents to overly-demanding and unrealistic clients, to industry news that makes you want to bury your head in the sand, how can you possibly stay positive and stay above it? Denise has got some great pointers and ways to shield yourself from the negativity that can K.O. your mojo. Mark your calendar!

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The Foundation of All Success: ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!

I have coached many agents over the years and most of them want to know what the “secret sauce” is for success in real estate.  Without any hesitate I quickly reply, “ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!!!”

You can have the best vision for your business and the loftiest goals but without taking CONSISTENT ACTION in your business you rarely get to the successful place you want to be.  Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Betsy Matias

The starting point: When she started out with branding, Betsy already had her artistic watercolor logo that connected her background in art education for children with her experience and passion for real estate. Our goal was to create a bold brand that conveys the same fun energy.

The target audience: Betsy had her focus set on her Sammamish neighborhood sphere, so we needed a brand that came across as both friendly and approachable, as well as stylish and modern.

Read more »

Ask Denise: New Mindset, New Results

Q: “Denise, I just lost another listing and this one was with a past client. I am crushed. Another agent came in promising a listing price that I know is too high, drone photography, and light staging – which I do! He also said that his company’s market share is top in the country and that should result in a faster sale. I don’t know how to advocate for my business when other agents are so out there. I am getting really discouraged!” Read more »

Sudden or Gradual Decline in Your Business? Look for the Clues!

I have never met a successful real estate agent that didn’t have specific actions that led them to that success. They may not always be able to pinpoint the exact drivers of success, but success leaves clues, and it then becomes easy to identify those action items. Successful agents repeat specific actions and often don’t even think about what they are doing. It is like the mouse in the maze – they found their cheese and go back to that cheese time and time again on autopilot. Read more »

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