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Ask Denise: My Own Space

Q: “Denise, I am thinking about renting some office space. I have tried to work out of my house but I just am not as productive as I was when I went to my brokerage office. But I am at a different brokerage now and don’t have that option. What do you think?”

A: Go for it! I am a huge advocate of finding the right office space for you. I am so pleased that you realized this about yourself and are making that change. In my experience, your increased productivity will more than make up the expense…and then some. Great job!

Branding Spotlight: Veronique Hval

The starting point: We first built a brand for Veronique and her business called “Belle Residence” in 2014. We worked with her to achieve a look that incorporates her French background and elegant style. Early last year, she returned for a brand refresh that would simplify her existing brand to create a minimal, sleek look.

The target audience: Veronique works with luxury waterfront properties, so she needed a brand that attracts high net worth individuals. Read more »

Ask Denise: Mentorship

Q: “Denise, I have been asked to mentor a new agent. I am flattered and have wanted to give back, but I don’t know exactly what to expect. I don’t want to overextend myself but I do want to be fairly compensated for my time. What do you think?”

If you have been asked by your managing broker to mentor, your company may already have a framework in place for a mentorship program. That would be the first place to start in terms of learning expectations for support and resulting compensation. Read more »

Raise Your Deflector Shield!

Yesterday, I had a great Lunch and Learn with Drew Ebner of Guild Mortgage. It was one of those kicking off the year and getting in the right mindset type of events. One of the topics we touched on was the power of editing out the extra noise and mental clutter that bogs us down.

Imagine your new year business as a clean slate. You have a few ongoing actions you need to take, categories of clients to follow up with and you have a concise plan for doing so. The board is mostly clear with just those few things you need to attend to. Read more »

Ask Denise: Resolution Team Up

Q: “Denise, I am working my resolutions but feel like I need a little extra help in these first few weeks. Any suggestions?”

A: One great way to get a little extra support, especially if you have both personal and business goals, is to find an accountability partner for each. This might be something as simple as telling your spouse, sibling, parent, or older child about your personal goals and asking for a little help. For work, you might talk with a fellow agent, your managing broker, or even support staff. Read more »

Lessons of 2019 and Tips for a Stellar 2020

Welcome back to a new year and a clean slate.  We all know that the new year brings a slew of resolutions and promises to change your bad habits and become the perfect you.

Whooooooooaaaa!! Slow down. First, let’s get honest about this resolution business.

I have nothing against resolutions, pledges for a better you, and the decision to change bad habits.  What I have a problem with is the harsh nature of some of these resolutions which only lead to short-lived results and ultimately failure to live up to this new perfect you.  If you have resolutions, let’s start with getting honest about what is and is not realistic. Read more »

Ask Denise: Business Resolutions

Q: “OK Denise, one of my resolutions is to get my database mailer out each month like clockwork. Any suggestions for making sure I get that done?”

A: I do have a suggestion for you: Treat your business needs like you would your client’s.

The reason that we don’t get things like this done is because we put our business needs last. But what if we treated our business deadlines like client deadlines? Read more »

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