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Leveraging Your Superpower

This week I want to talk about your superpower, yes you have one! I want to define it, explain it and show you how to put it to work for you.

There are so many real estate agents in the field today and there are specific reasons that a client is attracted to working with you. There is just that “something special” that you have that they felt they needed or were attracted to. It could be that you come across as being very thorough or detail oriented. Maybe you are friendly and easily to talk to. Perhaps you love research and data and your client needs that and chooses you because they know you will provide it. Maybe you are a tiger negotiator and they love that quality about you.

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Branding Spotlight: Debra Hamilton

The starting point: Debra has over 24 years of experience with over 300 properties closed. She wanted her Custom Brand to reflect her integrity and passion for customer service.

The target audience: She enjoys helping families find the perfect home, whether they are relocating from another area or switching gears with major life events. Before entering the Real Estate industry, she spent 12 years in the US Navy Reserve and still works with many veterans. Read more »

Ask Denise: Canceled on Account of Covid-19

Q: “Denise, as a thank you to my buyer clients, I usually host a little housewarming get-together for the new homeowners and the neighbors. It is informal. I usually buy my buyers a fire pit and set up a s’mores buffet. That way the buyers don’t feel like they have to have the house nice and neat, but that provides the ice breaker and a warm welcome to the neighborhood. However, I am not sure what to do with the current COVID situation. Should people come by anyway? Stay away until further notice? Any suggestions?”

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Don’t Believe the Headlines

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s Zebra Report.

I thought it was really important that I address all of the headlines that are out there. You cannot look online. You cannot look in your email. You are probably getting text messages out there about the real estate market. Read more »

Ask Denise: Maintaining Momentum

Q: “Denise, I have been keeping my chin up with this whole COVID situation but most of my potential clients have decided to wait. I have kept them up on the MLS stats, have let them know about our local MLS protocols regarding showings, and all five of them, some buyers and some sellers, all have very valid reasons to wait. I know they will eventually move forward, but I feel like the wind has been sucked out of my sails and I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel that I am struggling in way now that I wasn’t even a week ago and I am not sure what to do.” Read more »

A Health Crisis, Not Housing Crisis = Opportunity!

The fundamentals of a strong real estate market are simple: Strong demand and a healthy supply makes for a good real estate market. But what happens when the world is faced with a health crisis and real estate agents are faced with the challenge of having to navigate unchartered territory? Read more »

Ask Denise: Client Event Substitutions

Readers, last week I addressed a question about client appreciation events and whether you should continue your planning of these with our current COVID situation. You can read that answer here. This week, I wanted to provide some alternative live client appreciation ideas so you can still keep your past clients top-of-mind no matter what the upcoming weeks hold.

Idea #1 – Gift of your Time

Our agent clients are reporting that their past clients are loving the reconnecting that is happening right now. Read more »

April Mailer Content is Here

monthly mailer content from club zebra

Hello Club Zebra members! Content for mailing out to your client database is here for the month of April. We know there are definitely challenges to doing business during this stay-at-home situation in most of the nation, but that doesn’t mean that your monthly outreach should suffer too. We encourage you to stay top of mind for when this is over and that pent-up demand comes roaring in.

This April we have three excellent pieces. For sellers we have a home-prep list to help them get ready for listing, for your buyers we have advice for how to stay mortgage application ready during market events like this, and for anyone in your database we have an article with some encouraging insights about the housing market and how it is proving durable.

As always, client content is attribution free for sending to your mailing list and perfectly sized if you have a branded article mailer that we made for you. You can find these and more in the Client Content section of Club Zebra. Have an awesome rest of your April!

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