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Branding Spotlight: Calendars

Calendars are un-sung heroes, so we’re going to sing their praises today. When you need to organize your tasks and give your clients a visual timeline, there’s really nothing better than a branded calendar. This handout can span your expected timeline, whether it’s weeks or a couple of months. Lay out your sequence of events to help keep your sellers or buyers on track. Knowing what is planned and when it is going to happen reduces stress and demonstrates your professionalism and preparedness. Read more »

Celebrate Your 2021 Accomplishments

This year has enjoyed a super robust market. I have had agents from all over the country talk to me about how the pandemic has helped them make some important changes in their business and personal life. A common thread that I see in many of these conversations is comparing this year to last year and previous years. After all, it’s natural to make the comparisons, especially as the year winds down.

However, I want you to use caution you to use wisdom when making these comparisons. This is not the year to rate yourself in terms of number of homes sold or referrals you received. This is the year to celebrate. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Open House Tools

Your open house system is key to making open houses easier and wowing potential buyers. Open houses are a lot of work, but they also come with a lot of opportunity.  Just passing out your business card won’t be enough. This winter, take out all your open house tools and see where any gaps may be. As you review your resources, make sure you have these: Read more »

October Client Mailer Content has Arrived. PLUS + NEW FEATURE

monthly mailer content from club zebra

Club Zebra Members – October content is here with three great new articles and our new feature: infographics! Each is ready-to-mail to your prospects’ inboxes and mailboxes this month. Our new infographic feature can even be posted to your social media – learn more about infographics here. Stay top-of-mind with your database and use any of this expert content for your monthly outreach. Read more »

NEW! Monthly Infographics Now Included with Club Zebra Memberships

Coming to Club Zebra subscribers this October: monthly infographics that you can use to impress your prospects and audience. Share in your mailers, on social media, and more. A variety of available formats included, including for Instagram and Facebook! No creativity required – we even include text you can use to quickly post and share! First infographic becomes available this October 15th.

Not a member yet? Join today for just $9.95 and receive instant access to all Club Zebra features – weekly-coaching meetings, ready-to-send prospecting mailers, and access to the biggest collection of real estate training and business resources on the web!

Time and Money Wasters – They Might Be Dragging Your Business Down!

Have you ever had a leaky faucet? One that drip drip drips all day and night? Maybe one that you know should be fixed, needs to be fixed, but it isn’t your biggest priority?

Then the water bill comes and you are shocked to learn that the little drip drip drip has resulted in an extra $200 bill and thousands of gallons of water. Then it becomes a big priority! The individual drips don’t seem like a big deal, but the accumulation factor is huge.

Each business has leaks. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Past Client Materials

You have successfully closed the sale. Your buyers are thrilled with their new home. After months of working closely together, you don’t want to just disappear. (And, let’s be honest, it would be wonderful if they could refer you to their friends and family.) So what can you do to stay relevant without being pushy? Break out your Past Client system to give your most recent clients valuable information through their first year of home ownership.

The Past Client system includes 4 pieces, all customized with your personal branding, to send to your latest client every three months. Read more »

Prioritizing Your Rocks

You are likely familiar with the Rocks, Pebbles, and Sand story and demonstration…

No? Let me quickly explain:

Our demonstration includes a jar, rocks, pebbles, and sand. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: The Danger of Waiting

It might be old news, but interest rates are still at historic lows. If your clients are on the fence about entering the market right while things are heated, show them how much waiting around could cost them in interest. Whether it’s their first mortgage or their fifth, low interest rates mean more buying power.

The 2-page branded template combined with a prepared amortization Excel table makes your job just a little bit easier. You can select price-points that will resonate with your target demographic. This is a great way to work smarter in your marketing and get stellar results.

Read more »

Building your Business with Campaigns

When you think about a campaign, you might think about a flashy marketing piece people receive in the mail. Or maybe you think of an email campaign, sending out digital junk mail. Or maybe you think of a social media ad campaign. All of these are aspects, but there’s a little more behind a successful campaign.

I remember when I started selling real estate, I had a really bad first 6 months. I hadn’t sold anything. At the end of that six months, I realized that there should be no reason why I was failing. I was working hard every day. I was in the office and talking with lots of people. But I also realized that what I was doing lacked a targeted audience or campaign strategy. Instead, I was trying to do everything everywhere, and I was just spreading myself too thin. Read more »

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