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May Mailer Content Has Arrived

monthly mailer content from club zebra

Competition for business – especially listings – is lively this year. Stay top-of-mind and be the first agent they call by sending valuable information to your clients every month. This month Club Zebra members have three great new pieces of content for buyers, sellers and past clients. Send these ready-to-go articles to your mailing list as though you wrote them, no attribution necessary. First up, What do Rising Sales Prices Mean for Taxes is great for all property owners, many of whom received a larger property tax bill this year. We also have an article on how Mortgage Lenders are Tightening Their Guidelines, to help your potential buyers be more prepared. Last, we have an advice piece on Choosing the Best Offer for the many sellers out there who will be receiving multiple offers on their listing this spring. Get your May content <a href=”″><b>right here</b></a>!

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How Fun is Your Brand?

You may have a logo or you may have a full brand complete with color palette and logo rules. If you have a brand, you may have thought about things like house flyers and just listed cards, but what about some things that are fun for your business?

Here at The Lones Group, we have a number of fun things that we have at the ready, and even more so when we have classes. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Notecards

Make every note extra special without a lot of extra work simply by getting a batch of branded notecards printed. Modern digital printing gives us so many options for a creative and professional look, with different papers, gloss/satin/velvet finishes, and even foil embossing. Whether it’s an all-purpose notecard with your name or logo on the front, or customized for thank-yous, anniversaries, or invitations, it’s a simple and easy way to show that you are willing to go the extra mile for your clients. Read more »

Eviction Moratorium Wars

There is mass confusion right now over the Federal and State eviction moratoriums brought on by the COVID pandemic.  It is critical that agents fully understand how these moratoriums affect their clients. I will try to lay the facts out in a simple manner as to simplify what is going on right now, but know that things may change quickly in the coming days and weeks. Stay informed as things unfold. Here is the current state of affairs: Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Envelopes

They say letter-writing is a dying art.  However, nothing could be further from the truth! Old school as it sounds, writing letters, even boring business letters, is not only exponentially more fun when you use your branded stationary, it is a phenomenal way to get the attention of potential clients in your market. Other agents may be sending generic postcards, but an informative and personal letter gets the attention of every personality type. A great way stand out from the junk mail and bills in the mail box is with a well-designed, full-color envelope. Read more »

Do YOU Have a Buyer?

Of course you have a buyer! It seems about everyone has a buyer these days who is searching diligently for a property. Often these buyers have missed out at least a couple of times in a multiple offer situation, are disappointed, deflated, and the agent has provided a glimmer of hope that they might be able to secure a home by sending a letter to local homeowners.

Before you do that, however, I highly suggest you have a plan, some rules around how that plan will be rolled out, and have a general buyer letter template ready to go that you can customize as your buyers’ needs change. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Lin Shih

Lin Shih is a Seattle condo veteran and specializes in buying and selling condos in Belltown and Downtown. Lin’s custom brand sets her apart and helps past and future clients remember her. Rich scarlet with tone-on-tone scroll-work fill her header and footer.

Classic fonts are easy to read and accented by traditional calligraphy in select headlines. Her linear layout is versatile enough to adapt to a variety of marketing applications, including her comprehensive mail marketing plan. Read more »

Your Closing Statement – A Powerful Ending!

Today I want to talk about the importance of having a strong final or closing statement that you can say to your clients.  This is extremely important, especially in this highly competitive market.  When you are on a listing appointment it is important to remember that you are often competing against other agents and you need to stand out.   Having a powerful closing statement allows you to do just that.   With all the competition out there for listings, sellers are being inundated with all kinds of marketing materials and ideas and thoughts for listing their home. Often, what is missing for the seller is a personal closing statement from the agent.

Read more »

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