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Branding Spotlight: Karmin Pincus

Karmin lives and breathes her target niche: those serving in the armed forces and veterans. As a veteran and military wife, she is personally familiar with the relocating challenges faced by military families. Whether it is buying a home sight-unseen or coordinating with individuals in time-zones around the world, Karmin is always flexible and resourceful. She is obviously proud of her work, her service, and her clients. Read more »

How to Become a Niche Marketing Expert

Niche marketing is when you decide on a particular target you want to go after, then do whatever it takes to become the very best market expert on that niche, and finally market your expertise to that niche. It sounds simple, right? But there’s a lot packed into those three steps.

First, why should you niche? To help answer that question, we can take a look at some examples outside of real estate. Doctors niche all the time—we have neurologists, podiatrists, endocrinologists, and even surgeons that specialist in a particular surgery technique. These doctors do very well and charge a premium for their specialty services. Mechanics niche as well, sometimes by car manufacturer or by style (like classic cars) or even by a specific system within the car (like sound-system experts). I’m sure you can think of even more practical, real-life examples of professionals who niche effectively.

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Branding Spotlight: Lisa Berg

Targeting a niche is more than just sending generic content. Lisa markets to her niche farm with hyper-local statistics, easy-to-read graphs, and topics that will resonate with local homeowners. She includes a personal touch, especially around the holidays, and even promotes local businesses. Every month, she presents as a local resource with valuable knowledge to share for free. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: The Rarden Team

Teams can leverage the strengths of two agents to better serve clients, and that is certainly true with Colette and Hailey of The Rarden Team. As a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law duo, they partner to serve their Kittitas County clients and specialize in equestrian properties and country lifestyle. The Rarden Team caters to many niches that have interests and areas of overlap. By being able to articulate and target each niche, they market themselves as focused experts and authorities on the local market. Read more »

Should I Niche?

Have you ever had a unique situation that required a unique professional? For example:

A medical issue that could only be addressed by a specialist, such as a foot surgeon?

A legal issue that required specialty knowledge, such as a real estate land specialist?

A home remodeling issue that was outside the scope of what a general contractor could do, such as historic siding repair or a unique pest issue?

If you had to call in a specialist, were they available right away? Probably not. Did they cost more? Most likely! Read more »

5 Ways to Add a Live Layer to Your Geographical Farm Campaign

When you think of a geographical farm, what comes to mind? Postcards? A monetary investment? An ongoing faucet of revenue? We all know that mailing is a tried-and-true way to make connections. So what do you do if you want to connect with more people in your farm, but you don’t have the budget yet? Here’s another scenario: maybe you are already getting a good result with your farm, but you want to build deeper relationships without blowing your bank account. In both situations, the power of live connections can give you terrific bang for almost no bucks at all! Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Shanna Morelli

With her eye on the luxury market, Shanna wanted a brand that would help her stand out from the competition and put her content on an elegant pedestal. She selected a charcoal and champagne-gold palette, with a lavish metallic texture. Her double-M logo establishes her as the “face” of the team but also indicates that her team is right behind her. The brand uses a single sans-serif font throughout for a minimal and easy-to-read layout, which a signature script font used in her signature. Read more »

Consistency—It’s as Simple as 1 thing!

The most important thing that an agent can do in their business is to pick something that they can successfully do consistently. The problem for most agents is that at the beginning of every year, they make great plans. They have good intentions and they make lists of things they want to get done. But that list is so overwhelming because they either don’t know where to begin, how to begin, or have the finances to begin.

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Branding Spotlight: Karla Sullivan

Karla came into branding with a bright yellow-gold monogram logo and wanted a minimal brand to support it. We kept it simple with a geometric background pattern to add interest and an accent script font for her name treatment. We just love her fresh and sunny palette, which is a welcome pop of color on those rainy Western Washington days. Best of all, the brand doesn’t lose a drop of her established brand equity. When her mailers go out to her past and potential clients, it will be easy to connect with her previous branding and recognize her polished presentation in the future. Read more »

February Mailer Content is Here

monthly mailer content from club zebra

Inventory shortages in many areas means the spring real estate season is already heating up. Keep in touch with your prospects and clients with these three new and original articles as though you had written them yourself. This February for your buyers we have an article of interest to many buyers on sources for funds for purchasing their next home. Listing prospects will appreciate our mailer that addresses clients who want to sell, but are concerned about their ability to buy. Buyers and sellers will both enjoy our new What Do other Sellers’ Multiple Offers Mean to You article too!

Also new: Get your engaging infographic that illustrates money sources that can be used for purchasing a home. You can post it to social media, put it on a postcard, or your blog as you like! For articles and infographic, visit the Client Content area of Club Zebra.

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