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April Mailer Content Has Arrived

monthly mailer content from club zebra

Spring is in the air and April content is here with three great new articles, ready-to-mail, for your prospects’ inboxes and mailboxes this month. Grow your business and stay top-of-mind with your database by using any of these three expert articles for your monthly outreach. Whether they are snowbirds, relocating, or helping a younger family member with a distant purchase, check our Planning a Long Distance Move article. As the weather warms, many of your clients are thinking about their outdoor spaces and will enjoy our Creating an Outdoor Oasis article too! Finally, in a rapidly appreciating market, low appraisals are a more common reality – give your buyers the inside track on how to prepare and respond with our Overcoming Low Appraisals content. Find all three in the Client Content section of Club Zebra!

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Time to Switch Your Elevator Pitch

Today I want to tackle something I hear a lot of people talking about: the elevator pitch. (Some people call it an elevator speech, elevator statement or elevator opening.) It’s a term that bugs me because I don’t like the word “pitch.” It sounds sales-y, pushy, and just plain aggressive. I know that if you look up the definition of “elevator pitch,” it is described as a persuasive explanation of what you do. The challenge I have is with the word “persuasive,” because it comes across as a gimmicky type of communication. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: PCS Everett Website

Karmin Pincus, the broker and owner of PCS Everett, works with military families in the Puget Sound area and wanted a site that would make it easy for her clients to find the resources they need for relocating. She has beautifully designed interactive maps that capture the Kitsap, Everett, and Seattle areas showcasing the different military basis and homes for sale in the surrounding areas. This is an IDX feature and will stay up-to-date with current listings, and Karmin never has to worry about updating it. It also looks great on any size of screen. Read more »

Is “Easy” Killing Your Brand?

Over the years, The Lones Group has built hundreds and hundreds of brands for agents. These brands are as unique as each and every agent they were built for. They are eye-catching, memorable, and brimming with agent personality. They do the job of talking for the agent when the agent is not in front of the potential buyer or seller.

But agents are faced with a unique challenge in their business – balancing their skillset, the best use of their time, and what needs to get done. When agents have too much on their plate, they delegate or find shortcuts, sometimes to the detriment of their business. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Amy Towillis

The starting point: Amy runs her own brokerage called Rhino Roz Realty. She wanted to refresh her company’s marketing and take advantage of all the templates and systems our Impact! branding program has to offer.

The strategy: When working with a brand element as strong as a rhinoceros, it’s important to keep the other elements out of the way to let that strong element have the spotlight. A house shape around the rhinoceros’s head helps to tie in real estate. Read more »

A Little Perspective on Tax Time

This week I want to discuss taxes. Yes, it is that time of year again. Every year during this time I seem to get many calls from real estate agents that are concerned about it being tax time. This is that time of the year when many real estate professionals get nervous. Perhaps they have completed their taxes and have stress from discovering they owe money or perhaps they are behind on getting their taxes prepared. And for others they experience stress because they have not even begun to gather the documents needed to file their return. To say that tax time can add a lot of stress to a real estate agent is an understatement. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Staci Bias’ Website

Staci recently upgraded her online presence by switching to a new AgentFire website designed by The Lones Group. She wanted to take her website to the next level by allowing clients to learn more about the area’s she serves. Clients can easily check out the best places to dine, drink, shop, as well as gather other community data like: best schools, employers and more. It’s all the utility of a bigger website with the automated support and tools designed for real estate brokers. Read more »

5 Points for Long-Term Farming Success

Developing a consistently-producing farm is a great way to develop a reliable income stream. But what are the individual components that deliver the greatest likelihood of success? All too often, agents begin a farm with the best of intentions, but quickly lose momentum if that farm doesn’t produce expected results right away. Especially in this market, patience and persistence are key! In all my years, I have never met an agent who didn’t have strong long-term success who followed the principles below. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Cindy Peschel-Hull

Starting Point: Cindy Peschel-Hull branded with us in 2018 and still loves her luxurious gold and black brand. To bring it up-to-date, she just needed a quick logo refresh to make it more personal  and better serve her clients.

The Strategy: The biggest change was the monogram logo, which now features Cindy’s “C” in a familiar script connecting the “P” and “H” of her last name. Read more »

Why You Need Rules in Your Business

Today I want to talk about having rules in your business and why it’s so important to stick to them in this market.

I was talking with a client a few weeks ago, and they were very frustrated. This client was working with a buyer that started in one area and viewed all the listed homes and didn’t like any of them. The buyer then considered moving to another area. My client did the work, showed them all the homes, and still the buyer didn’t find anything they wanted to purchase. So then the buyer starts thinking about a 3rd area outside my agent’s expertise. Read more »

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