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Worst-Case Scenario: Your Vendor Referral Botched the Job!

It’s a beautiful day in your real estate world when you receive a call from your Seller who is absolutely freaking out about an incident that happened at their home.  You can tell the Seller is very upset, so you listen intently as the Seller explains that the landscaper you referred cut through their in-ground sprinkler system.  There was water everywhere, the whole system is down, and the landscaper said he is not responsible because the sprinkler line was put too high to the ground. She is furious and wants you to handle it to get it corrected as soon as possible.

So, what do you do? Do you race over there to handle it or do you tell her that that is not your responsibility? Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Kerryn Lyons

Kerryn Lyon’s new fashionable navy and gold branding is simple in design and rich in color. Her luxurious gold logo and matching gold border define the design. We used a bold and modern font combination for her marketing materials, and a lively brush script for her signature. Kerryn is a joy to talk to, and not just because of her delightful Australian accent! Her portrait is full of character, and highlights her fun personality and stylish taste. We are excited to see where her new branding leads her!

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Ask Denise: Effective Networking

Q: “Denise, how can I make my meetings with my networking group more effective in terms of getting business?”

Great question! The first thing you can do is make sure you are making a great impression. That means showing up early, not being on your phone, dressing appropriately for the group, and not leaving early.

Once you have determined that you are on track there, Read more »

Good Old-Fashioned Client Care – Your Best Business Asset!

If I had a dollar for every time one of my clients asked me my opinion about the latest and greatest business building product or gimmick, I would be a multi-millionaire. Agents are always looking for ways to improve their business model and to increase their income, but they often overlook their best asset.

The problem is that they are looking for ways to bring in new business without really understanding the impact incredible client care can have on bringing in new business. Agents are often so busy taking care of their current clients that they ignore their past and potential clients. They tend to forget the impact their past and potential clients can have on their future income. Read more »

Ask Denise: Investing in Branding

Q: “Denise, I know I need to develop a brand for a whole lot of reasons. But what is holding me back is the cost. I have heard it can cost thousands and thousands of dollars and I just don’t have that kind of cash!”

A: I can’t speak to what other companies charge, but we are such strong believers in the impact a great brand can have that we have made brand development and the initial set of templates very affordable. Read more »

Club Call: Handling Conflict with Ease and Poise

We had a great call with Denise Lones today on the topic of Handling Conflict with Ease and Poise. It is easy to get worked up when someone questions your integrity or when someone is making a much bigger problem out of something than it really is. Denise shared an easy-to-follow formula that can help you take control of your self and take control of conflict situations. There were lots of great examples and, as always, Denise fielded a variety of great questions from CEO Shauna Naf.

Not a member of Club Zebra yet? Listen to the first five minutes for free or join today for access to this, live calls, and hundreds of recorded coaching calls, not to mention videos, templates, and tons of other great resources for building your real estate business empire.

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Our upcoming Club Zebra PRO call will be August 20th at 9:00 am Pacific for Your Elevator Speech. Members can participate live as Denise discusses what to say when someone asks you what you do for a living? Does your answer make them ask more questions or turn away awkwardly? We are going to discuss the makings of a great elevator speech so you can be excited for the next time someone asks you that question. Looking for call-in codes? Sign-in and go to the event calendar.

Personalities and Pending to Close – Your Golden Opportunity!

A highly-overlooked referral opportunity in an agent’s business is the “pending to closing” process. And the more you can tune into a client’s personality during this time, the more effective you can be with that client. In fact, when done correctly this process can yield an incredible referral business.

When a buyer or seller is in the “active” part of their home-buying or selling journey they are usually consumed with the many appointments they need to look at homes, review offers, keep the house clean, and get their lending in order.  But once the offer is pending the client moves into a whole new phase of their journey. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Rhonda Bleck

West Seattle agent Rhonda Bleck is absolutely in love with mid-century modern style, and embraced a retro aesthetic in her Mastery design. Her selection of brilliant orange and turquoise is both eye-catching and nostalgic. She emphasizes her low-to-no-drama business style with minimal lines and clean blocks of color, and throws in some fun with asymmetrical angles. Her branding is bold and unforgettable, just like Rhonda.

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Ask Denise: Past Client Care

Q: Denise, I have been burned by past clients this last year. I have had 3-4 people who wound up going with another agent. I am mailing my past clients and sphere each month, but I don’t call or see them live. Is the monthly mailer enough? Do I need to do more? I am competing with a lot of different real estate agents with a lot of different business models and I think that my past clients keep getting lured away my new shiny business models and they are not even giving me a call! Just tell me what to do. Read more »

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