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September Client Mailer Content has Arrived

Yes, Club Zebra Pro members, September’s content is here. As summer winds up we bring you new content for you to use in your client mailers that is fully written and ready for you to send out, without any attribution to The Lones Group! As always, both long and short form versions are available in case […]

Ask Denise: Targeting Two Markets

Q: “Denise, I am going to be relocating to an area that is a high-demand area for retirees from my current area. Just wondering how you think I should use that to my advantage?” A: There are two key audiences that you should be marketing to – your current client base and agents. With your […]

Ask Denise: Farming Overlap

Q: “Denise, I was just at my office holiday party and another agent was talking about how he has been mailing to a farm area for the last six months. I was shocked because I have been mailing to this farm area for a year! I have had one or two calls, but should I […]

Ask Denise: Farming Follow-up?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, after several months of farming, I just got my first call (yeah!) and I am going to a listing presentation this week. I have created my farming bible that you recommend and I want to have some current market information with me. What should I bring? A:  Congratulations! I am so proud of […]

Ask Denise: Just Listed Cards

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, what do you think of sending “Just Listed” cards to your database every time you get a new listing? A:  I feel that a Just Listed card is more suited to announce a listing to a specific area. If you were to send out a Just Listed card to your precious database every […]

Design Spotlight: “Caramel Macchiato”

Do you think brown = boring?  We couldn’t disagree more!  In fact, shades of brown can be very effective, depending on the message of your brand. Brown represents stability, orderliness, confidence, and reliability — all positive traits to have, particularly in an industry which is often viewed with skepticism by consumers. We’ve elevated basic brown […]

New from The Lones Group Design Team!

A dedicated oenophile – or wine lover – Jim wanted to incorporate his love of wine into his marketing materials, while still maintaining a classic and elegant feel. The use of black, with the outline of an elegant wine bottle, perfectly incorporated this feeling. Whether you want to develop a completely custom brand, or select […]

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