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Ask Denise: Time to Move?

Q: “Hey Denise, I followed your office advice about staying put and trying to make my grass as green as possible before making a move. I have tried to make life at my brokerage bearable but I am just not happy there. What do you think about my making a move?” This question references these […]

Ask Denise: Announcing an Office Move

Q: “Denise, I have recently changed firms and wonder if you have any tips for how I can use this to my advantage in marketing in the next year?” A: Congratulations on your move! You sound excited and I am glad you have found a good fit. If you are thinking about marketing your move, […]

Ask Denise: A New Office?

Denise Lones

Q: I’m being wooed by a broker who wants to very quickly attract really great agents to her office, which she’s just opened.  Any advice? A: It’s always flattering to be wanted, but I want to encourage you to do your research if you’re seriously considering making a move.  What does the new office offer […]

Ask Denise: Switching Offices

Denise Lones

Q: I’m thinking of switching offices, Denise.  How do I find the right new office? A: The answer to that depends on why you’re leaving your current office!  Are you leaving because your broker doesn’t support you?  Doesn’t provide the services you need?  Has costs that are too high?  Doesn’t support your business model? Lacks […]

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