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Converting Leads … Remember Your Personality Style! (Part 4)

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PART FOUR: CLOSING WHEN YOU’RE A “SUPPORTER” This is my final Zebra Report in my series on closing strategies based on your personality style – and that of the clients you are trying to close. If you missed the previous three weeks, be sure to review the Zebra Reports on closing strategies for Promoters, Controllers, […]

Converting Leads … Remember Your Personality Style! (Part 2)

A Woman in Control

PART TWO: CLOSING WHEN YOU’RE A “CONTROLLER” Last week I presented an overview on personality styles, and presented the idea that the way you close should vary based on the personality of the client. Seems simple, right? The truth is many agents are taught to close the same way – by using a formula that’s […]

Converting Leads … Remember Your Personality Style!

Agent demonstrating to an Analytical

PART ONE: CLOSING WHEN YOU’RE A “PROMOTER” Earlier this month I talked about converting leads, from the telephone, the internet, and in-person. My goal in those posts was to give you some thoughts about the kind of steps you need to take when converting leads specific to each category of client. But there’s another issue […]

What You Can and Should Learn from QVC

It’s been around for over 25 years, it’s the butt of many a spoof or joke… and it’s one of the most finely honed selling machines in existence. What am I talking about?  QVC, or course! I know you’re probably wondering why in the world this Zebra Report would focus on QVC. Well, stay tuned […]

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