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Ask Denise: Refinancing Questions

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, what do you think of the proposed government programs to help more people be able to refinance? Won’t that just contribute to a bigger lack of inventory? If everyone refinances doesn’t that mean they won’t put their homes on the market which will really add to the current inventory deficit? Won’t that just […]

President Obama Has a Lot to Say About the Housing Market

the white house

On Tuesday, August 6th, President Obama spoke in Phoenix, Arizona at Desert Vista High School, explaining his vision to promote home ownership in America. He praised reform of the financial systems and talked about the reckless practices that led to the housing crisis. A visual representation of his vision can be seen if you follow […]

In the News

Rolled up Newspaper

According to the National Association of REALTORS, existing home sales went up another 4.2% in May, with prices increasing into double digits over last year. To read the entire article and watch NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun explain the situation and what to expect moving forwards: please click here.

In the News

Rolled up Newspaper

In his “State of the Union” address this week, President Obama indicated that although the housing market is “healing”, tight mortgage lending conditions are holding the economy back and this needs to be fixed. Furthermore, the president asked Congress to send him the bill which would give “every responsible homeowner in America the chance to […]

The Power of Numbers

Calculator, pen and checkbook

This past month I have been working with a lot of numbers and I have been reminded of their power. While numbers themselves are non-emotional, often they bring up a lot of emotion and therefore, are sometimes avoided. Anyone who has ever not opened their credit card statement or avoided revisiting their commission statements knows […]

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