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Branding Spotlight: Your Design Style

We have recently updated our Design Style Analysis with fresh brand samples. As tastes and technology evolves, our team works to stay on top of modern trends. If you have never taken the Design Style Analysis, or even if you took it more than a year ago, check it out. Your personal style is your […]

Ask Denise: His & Hers Branding

The struggle to resolve his-and-hers branding

Q: “Denise, my husband and I have a real estate business together and we have decided it is time to develop a brand. We both have a background in the financial industry. I began in real estate about five years ago and my husband just recently joined me. We are tapping into this database of […]

Branding Spotlight: Semi-Custom Pro #140

This week’s branding spotlight shows you just how easy branding can be with our Semi-Custom and Semi-Custom Pro programs. For this example, we selected Semi-Custom Pro design #140, with a sleek foiled-effect sidebar. If you choose this design for your custom brand, you get to personalize it with colors, fonts, graphics and textures. There are […]

Design Spotlight: Jan Slawson

Jan Slawson's design

Jan Slawson, a former Signature Marketing Makeover client, came to us recently wanting a refresh of her existing branding. We took her original bold red, classic styled, Seattle-themed branding and kicked it up a notch with an updated Seattle photo, new fonts, and text treatments. We added her 5 Star Agent logos and the distinctive […]

Ask Denise: Advice on Fonts

Q: Denise, I liked your article on typography. I chose a new font, but when I showed it to a colleague in the office they said it was “too feminine”. Is there such a thing? I thought I was supposed to create my own “look” in this business! A: I would never want to say […]

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