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Ask Denise: His & Hers Branding

The struggle to resolve his-and-hers branding

Q: “Denise, my husband and I have a real estate business together and we have decided it is time to develop a brand. We both have a background in the financial industry. I began in real estate about five years ago and my husband just recently joined me. We are tapping into this database of […]

Branding Spotlight: Semi-Custom Pro #140

This week’s branding spotlight shows you just how easy branding can be with our Semi-Custom and Semi-Custom Pro programs. For this example, we selected Semi-Custom Pro design #140, with a sleek foiled-effect sidebar. If you choose this design for your custom brand, you get to personalize it with colors, fonts, graphics and textures. There are […]

Design Spotlight: Jan Slawson

Jan Slawson's design

Jan Slawson, a former Signature Marketing Makeover client, came to us recently wanting a refresh of her existing branding. We took her original bold red, classic styled, Seattle-themed branding and kicked it up a notch with an updated Seattle photo, new fonts, and text treatments. We added her 5 Star Agent logos and the distinctive […]

Ask Denise: Advice on Fonts

Q: Denise, I liked your article on typography. I chose a new font, but when I showed it to a colleague in the office they said it was “too feminine”. Is there such a thing? I thought I was supposed to create my own “look” in this business! A: I would never want to say […]

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