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Get Your Business Out of Cruise Control

The market has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Not long ago, agents were complaining that they were overwhelmed by a lack of business caused by the severe housing collapse we experienced. We went from that market to a market where multiple offers are now the norm. In some cases, it’s not uncommon […]

Real Estate & Gardening – Kindred Spirits!

Real Estate and gardening have more in common than you might think. Savvy real estate agents have figured this out. Think about planting a garden. You make sure the soil is good quality, you decide what you want to plant, you plant your seeds, and then you water the seeds and tend to that garden […]

Ask Denise: Attracting Business

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, why is that some agents seem to attract so much business while others have such a difficult time just making ends meet? A: That is a wonderful question and one that requires us to look at the businesses of top producers to answer. The one thing that all of our industry’s top producers have […]

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