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Ask Denise: House Cleaning

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, I have been thinking about hiring a housecleaner for years, but I know that I am just going to clean up before they get there because I don’t want anyone thinking I live in a pig sty. Why should I pay someone to clean when I am just going to do it first? […]

Ask Denise: Buyers and Seasonal Issues

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, one of my buyers bought a home last fall and everything was fantastic. However, now that it is warming up she is having a tough time going outside in her yard due to rampant mosquitoes. I don’t want to scare future buyers off potential properties, but should I be advising them about pests […]

WHAT IF? Essential words when working with buyers to write an offer

Four people in discussion

Over the next several weeks I am going to be covering the importance of two little words: “What if?” Simply asking this question in a variety of scenarios will not only help you gauge what your clients are truly feeling about an issue, but it can also be a good tool for your clients to […]

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