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Your Online Profiles: Why You Need Them Now More Than Ever!

I read a fascinating stat recently from the National Association of Realtors Generational Report.  I was shocked to learn that over 92% of the Millennial Generation wants to use a real estate agent on their next real estate purchase or sale.  This is even higher than the desire of Baby Boomers to work with Real […]

Ask Denise: Update Online Profiles

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, what is a project that I can tackle in one day that will make me feel more organized, but will also help me get in front of new clients? A:  What a great question and I have a good answer – complete your online profiles! It is free, will help you feel more […]

Your Online Profiles: Drive Free Traffic to Your Door

Woman looking at LinkedIn

When was the last time you looked at your Zillow profile? How about Trulia? Have you claimed your profile? Do you even know what is on your LinkedIn page? While you may not think about the impact of thoroughly completing these four online profiles, I can guarantee you that your potential buyers and sellers […]

Ask Denise: LinkedIn Etiquette

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, due to your urging, I just updated my Linked In profile and a client has “endorsed” me. How should I respond?

10 Simple Steps to Attract Killer Agent Reviews

Online ratings are the new media rage! Consumers share reviews online about everything they purchase and every service professional they meet. With few local exceptions, the real estate social space has scant few places at the table for trustworthy and passionate real estate agent reviewers. Writing recommendations for others will ignite a reciprocity exchange and […]

6 Tips to Take Your Social Media Engagement from Time Suck to Dollar Productive

Time management and social media are the ultimate odd couple. The social aspect of the Net is miraculous. Families share simple moments and joy day-to-day and their reach is unencumbered by distance and oceans that lie between them. Childhood chums reconnect and fortify bonds untouched in decades. The business side of the social Net is […]

Four Powerful Lead Generation Sites

Last week my Zebra Report talked about the opportunities that lie within social media for very inexpensive lead generation.  I promised to share additional information on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and I’m going to do exactly that today.  I’m also going to talk about Google+. All four of these social media sites are quite different.  […]

Looking for Free Leads?

In the last two Zebra Reports I talked about a topic near and dear to my heart – lead generation. I even shared some of the methods of lead generation that are tried and true – such as open houses, working expired listings, or pursuing FSBOs. All of those methods are great – and they […]

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