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Ask Denise: Marketing and Pending to Close Calendars

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, I am thinking about adding the Marketing Calendar and Pending to Close Calendar to my custom tool set … But do people really want those in this modern day and age – when so many people are using electronic calendars? A: What a great question! I would agree that there are certain personality […]

Design Spotlight: “Caramel Macchiato”

Do you think brown = boring?  We couldn’t disagree more!  In fact, shades of brown can be very effective, depending on the message of your brand. Brown represents stability, orderliness, confidence, and reliability — all positive traits to have, particularly in an industry which is often viewed with skepticism by consumers. We’ve elevated basic brown […]

Ask Denise: What about the Zebra?

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise, why is your brand a zebra?   That has nothing  to do with real estate. A:  You’re right – zebras have nothing to do with real estate! The reason a zebra works for my brand – and why any other image works – is threefold. First, it is very memorable. Second, I use my […]

Design Spotlight: “Fluid Gold”

Tones in the brown and gold palettes add complexity and depth to the “Fluid Gold” brand.   Classically inspired, this brand blends the best of two worlds – the safeness and stability associated with brown, and the luxury associated with gold and other metallics.  Add the key element, and you have a brand ideal for use […]

Your Branding Questions … Answered!

Several weeks ago I invited Zebra Report readers to send in their current brand, and I offered to do a “before and after” event showcasing those brands. We’ve extended our deadline through the end of this week, so if you’ve been busy – or you just didn’t see the contest earlier – now is your […]

Ask Denise: Design Style

Denise Lones

Q:  I liked the information you shared on design styles. How do I figure out my style? What if my style is not real estate-y? A: There is no “right” or “wrong” design style for real estate agents!  Powerful, memorable brands can be created for agents in any one of the eight design styles (Artistic, […]

Design Spotlight: “Stained Glass”

Strong design details via the image of a stained glass window define our “Stained Glass” brand. Although the use of color in this brand is subtle, it is extremely effective. Because the image is a timeless one, the “Stained Glass” brand has a classic and elegant feeling. Whether you want to develop a completely custom […]

What’s Your Style?

I’m a pretty intuitive person.  For whatever reason, I “get it” when I’m talking to agents about branding.  It’s easy for me to quickly pick up on their strengths, their challenges, and the visual style that makes the most of their positive traits. But I’ve learned over the years that not everyone is intuitive.  And […]

Ask Denise: Personal Brand, Company Colors

Denise Lones

Q: I’m thinking about creating a personal brand.  Should I have the colors be the same as my company’s colors, or is it ok to do something completely different? A: This is a question I hear all the time!  Many clients want to have similarity across a color palette, and that can be very effective.  […]

Design Spotlight: “Filtered Evergreen”

Perfect for an agent who wants to impart a sense of calm and serenity to their brand, “Filtered Evergreen” does just that.  Green is considered a harmonious color – and one which has historically meant associated with safety and security.  Many “green” (eco-friendly) agents want a brand featuring green as a color, but want to […]

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