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12 Easy Blog Ideas

Woman writing at a computer

For those of you who have “Create a Blog” on your 2013 To Do List, you know that creating the blog is just the first step. Last week I covered the great things that a blog does for a website. This week I want to talk about developing a blogging plan and give you some ideas to […]

Ask Denise: Blog Content

Denise Lones

Q: Where can I find content for blogs? I want to try one, but don’t have the technical skills to post stuff, and I’m not that great of a writer to start with. A: There are lots of options for blog content; some good, some bad. When you’re searching for content be sure you work […]

Step Out … of Your Comfort Zone!

For a long time now, I’ve talked about the value of blogging for real estate agents (and other entrepreneurs!).  When blogging first appeared on the scene, it appeared to be a mystical, magical kind of thing … something that only a select few individuals would have the time or energy to master. There were a […]

5 New Tips to Craft Seductive Blog Post Titles

Please welcome Frances Flynn Thorsen, a widely published writer and blogger with new digs  at a soon-to-be-announced sister blog to The Zebra Blog. In this article she shares five tips on crafting seductive titles for your blog posts. A seductive title says, “Touch me. Click me.” A blog post title is an invitation to share […]

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