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Is Your Business Plan Doomed to Failure?

Overwhelmed Man at Desk

As a real estate trainer and coach I see agents with many different attitudes toward business planning. There’s the agent who has a plan that’s so detailed it lacks flexibility (not to mention the fact that it takes three months to put it together!), the agent who has a plan that’s so lacking in structure […]

Ask Denise: Reverse engineering

Denise Lones

Q: Denise, I’ve heard you use the word “reverse engineer” when you talk about real estate agents.  I’m not sure what you mean by this. A: Thanks for your question.  “Reverse engineering” is the process of starting with a problem or goal, and working backwards to create solutions.  So, for example, if the goal is […]

6 Tips to Take Your Social Media Engagement from Time Suck to Dollar Productive

Time management and social media are the ultimate odd couple. The social aspect of the Net is miraculous. Families share simple moments and joy day-to-day and their reach is unencumbered by distance and oceans that lie between them. Childhood chums reconnect and fortify bonds untouched in decades. The business side of the social Net is […]

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