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5 Simple Steps To A Great Autumn!

Autumn Leaves and Trees

We’re half-way through August and almost completely finished with summer. In preparation for the new school year, many of you are shopping for pencils, paper, and crayons – or laptop, tablets, and cell phones, depending on the age of your children! You may be fitting in one last vacation before school starts, or harvesting those […]

Paint the 2012 Picture You Deserve!

It’s the first week of January, and we all find ourselves facing the prospect of a new year. Some people look at a blank canvas with fear and trepidation.  Others are thrilled at the prospect of starting fresh and creating something special. I want to encourage you to look at 2012 as your personal blank […]

Real Estate Training & Coaching: Change vs Transformation

Real estate training and coaching is a passion of mine.  It’s something my company is very good at, and is well known for.  So it’s not surprising that I spend a fair bit of time thinking about this topic. I spent all day Tuesday at the Washington State Association of Realtors EdCon event – an […]

Ask Denise: Choosing What Classes to Take

Denise Lones

Q: I need clock hours to renew my license.  What kinds of classes should I take? A: The first thing you need to do is be sure that you’ve completed all the mandatory courses required in your state.  Beyond that, there are two directions you can take.  One is to take the courses needed to […]

Real Estate Education 101

I was speaking with an agent last week, and was stunned to hear him say, “Well I’ve gotta run Denise.  I need to get online and find some cheap clock hours.  My birthday is in just a couple of days, and I don’t have the hours I need to renew my license.” The gentleman I […]

Ask Denise: On Education

Q: “Denise, as summer winds down and I begin to plan my education schedule for the fall, are there any classes in particular that I should take?” A: Absolutely!  Most agents take classes in the areas in which they have the most interest. I highly recommend that you take classes in the subjects in which […]

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