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The Foundation of All Success: ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!

I have coached many agents over the years and most of them want to know what the “secret sauce” is for success in real estate.  Without any hesitate I quickly reply, “ACTION, ACTION, ACTION!!!” You can have the best vision for your business and the loftiest goals but without taking CONSISTENT ACTION in your business […]

The Top 3 Self-Imposed Business Pressures

And how they can keep you from taking the action you need! I work with different clients with different personalities every day. Although there are sometimes personal challenges that cause them to lose their mojo, what I find more often is that agents get paralyzed by themselves. They get in their own heads and so […]

Finding Success Your Way!

I have never met two real estate agents that run their business exactly the same way. Each has their own personality, their own style and their own way of connecting with clients. I am often asked if there is one perfect formula for building a real estate business. I would like to be able to […]

A Foundation for Success, Your Business Vision

man drawing thru a maze

I have coached many agents over the years and the first question I ask them is, “What is your vision for your business?” Without a clear vision for your business, you’re unlikely to ever achieve your business goals. For example, agents tell me all the time that they want to make so much money so […]

MASTERY: The Key to Success in ANYTHING!

Have you ever wondered why some agents seem to do so well in real estate while others seem to struggle continuously? What I have learned over the years of coaching and training agents is that real estate is a profession that allows for individuality and uniqueness. In fact I am a firm believer that there […]

Your 2014 Resolutions: One Small Adjustment Can Bring Big Success!

Stopwatch, money and homes

Welcome to 2014! I love this time of year – so full of promise and dedication to making some changes in your business! I am thrilled about what is coming up for our industry in 2014. My research shows that this will be another strong year and you need to be ready! What are you […]

Ask Denise: Find Your Fit

Denise Lones

Q:  Denise what is the one piece of advice you think all agents need to hear from you? A:  FIND YOUR FIT. Yes, find your fit! Don’t sell real estate the way others tell you to. Sell real estate authentically by finding your fit and do it your way. There is no one-size, cookie-cutter magic […]

Honoring the Life of Zig Ziglar

This Week’s Zebra Report Is Dedicated to Honoring the Life of Zig Ziglar One of the greatest men I have ever had the chance to personally meet and spend time with was Zig Ziglar. He was by far one of the kindest, most sincere men I have ever known. He was a powerful motivational speaker […]

Out of the Jungle and Into the Light!

There’s no doubt that the past 2 years have taken a toll on agents. Some of you are worn and torn, and really tired. Some of you are exhausted. It’s been really tough. It’s been harder than it’s ever, ever been. For some of you, you probably feel like you’ve been totally lost in a deep, deep jungle. […]

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True … It Probably Is!

You’ve seen the promotions: This lead-generation system is simple to use and easy to implement.  Watch the leads roll in … as you sit back and collect commission checks. Or: They didn’t believe me when I told them I made $500,000 in referrals alone last year while sitting at home in my pajamas.  Now I’m […]

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