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When This Happens You Know Your Marketing is Top Notch

Recently, I received an email from an agent named Kelly Zoldak.  Inside she had attached a couple of lovely photos of zebras.

Kelly had been at the zoo with her husband.  They saw the zebras and who did Kelly immediately think of?  You guessed it.  She thought of me.  She felt the need to photograph the zebras and send me the pictures.

It was so nice of Kelly to do this.  She is a thoughtful person who understands how to make others feel good.  In fact, she made my day!

There’s something else going on here, though.  There is a distinct lesson to be learned about branding.  Kelly saw zebras.  My branding is based on zebras.  She immediately thought of me.

That’s a pretty big deal.  Kelly isn’t the first agent to send zebra images my way…and she won’t be the last!  Over the years, many people have commented that they’ve seen zebra-themed items and just had to call to tell me.

The moral of the story?   Branding works!

Have you had a client contact you about your branding?  If not, it’s time to think about your branding, and how it can help you stand out from your competition.

Branding accomplishes three things that are critical for your business:

  • First, it helps your clients to know more about you.  It transmits your personality and business message to the world.
  • Second, branding defines you as different from the vast sea of real estate agents from which to choose.  It gives you a “one-up” on all the others who look just like everyone else.
  • Finally, branding keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds.  When people see something that you include in your branding, they immediately think of you.  There’s no doubt that Kelly Zoldak’s actions clearly show my branding put me at the top of her mind when she saw zebras at the zoo.

Most agents are afraid of branding.  They just don’t know where to begin to define their own.  Granted, it’s not an easy task.  It requires serious thought about your own personal strengths and unique skills.

Now, of course, you may already be with a company that has a strong corporate brand.  That’s great.  You want to be with a good company that has spent a lot of time crafting and building a powerful presence in the marketplace.  This can only help you.

But within that corporate brand, you must define and create your own unique brand.  It’s not just about the company you work for.  It’s about you.

What about you is special?  What is different?  What kind of visual images get people thinking about you?  How do you communicate to people that you are the best at what you do?

One agent I know communicates that she is the number one person to call for equestrian properties.  Every ad, every marketing piece—right down to her closing gifts—is covered with pictures of horses.  It has made a huge difference in her business.

Another client of mine specializes in golf club properties.  We completely “golfed” him out.  His materials shout loud and clear what he’s all about.  When you see them, there is no question about who he is and what niche he services.  He has started to become very well-known as the exclusive golf property agent in his city.

In these examples, the brand focuses on a niche market.  Now, that doesn’t have to be the case.  Look at my brand.  It’s just zebras.  But zebras help make me memorable.

Take a look at your marketing materials.  Spread them all out on a table.  Then ask “Am I memorable to my clients?”  If not, then it’s time for a “build your business” brand.

But where to start?  For some, it can be a monumental task to create and implement branding ideas.

Good news!  Branding happens to be my specialty.  I have helped hundreds of agents develop unique brands that are proven successful in attracting new clients.  In fact, I’d like to make you a special offer.

If you answer the following five questions for me, I will have a personal phone discussion with you about your branding potential:

  1. What is special or different about the services you offer?
  2. If you could describe yourself based on what you think your clients might say about you, what would they say?
  3. What do you think that your branding should say about you?  (Results-oriented?  Concierge-style client care?  Nurturing?)
  4. Have you had any branding challenges in your lead generation, marketing, or client care?
  5. What has held you back from branding yourself before?

    Send your responses to [email protected].  If you do, I will take the time to have a short conversation about your branding potential.

    Branding is just too important a piece of the big marketing picture for you to ignore.  Email me today and let’s talk about how to kick your business into high gear with the power of branding.

    By Denise Lones CSP, M.I.R.M., CDEI

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