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Exciting December for Buyers & Sellers!

I have always believed that real estate is an industry that provides opportunities for both buyers and sellers at different times of the year and in different seasons. This year, December is an exciting time for both buyers and sellers in many regions including the Pacific Northwest because of recent shifts in inventory. Rarely do the stars align when the real estate market favors both buyers and sellers at the same time but this year it does!

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Branding Spotlight: Gabe & Nicole Munoz

MASTERY clients Gabe and Nicole, owners of HomeCal Group brokerage and property management company in Southern California, are a great example of how effective a driven go-getter team can be. Their brand consists of a filtered southern California pathway flanked by local oak trees, with sand colors and bold, elegant fonts. During their time in Mastery the team has completed several projects, including their foundational marketing material project, a listing and seller system, quarterly mailers, client appreciation event marketing materials, and more! Read more »

Ask Denise: Politically-Correct Holidays

Q: “Denise, I feel like the holidays used to be so easy, but now I am so afraid of offending someone! I don’t want to send cards. I am afraid of giving out ornaments or cookies or anything! I have clients who are all different religions or from different countries. An agent in my office just got chewed out by a client who didn’t recognize her particular religion. I don’t want to offend anyone. What should I do?”

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The Key to Winning a Seller’s Confidence

When I was a new agent – and I mean a brand new agent in my very early 20s – I was called to go out on a  listing presentation. I had not met the seller before nor been on his property. I got to the house and briefcase in hand, began walking up to the front door when my potential seller opened the door, looked me up and down, and asked, “Where is Denise?”

Since I had heard the “You’re so young!” statement a number of times already, I knew what was going through his mind. I smiled and replied, “I am Denise.”

He chuckled, “Denise, have you ever sold a house? Have you ever bought a house? I bet you still live with your parents!”

Unfortunately, he was absolutely correct. I did still live with my parents. But I was determined to salvage this presentation. I opened my mouth to speak when –

“Come back when you know what it is like to be a homeowner selling a house!”

and he slammed the door in my face. Read more »

Ask Denise: Branded Email Address

Q: “Denise, I have been using my local internet provider’s domain name for my email address for many many years. Think [email protected]. It is silly because I have a great domain name for my website, but just have never gotten over the hurdle of changing my email. I am about to develop a brand with your company and know the time is now to make the change since it is going to be on everything from business cards to house flyers. I am nervous but know I need to do this. Where do I start?

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November Client Mailer Content is Here

This November we’ve put together three great articles that our Club Zebra Pro members can mail to their sphere, attribute free.

First-up, checkout our winter home buying strategy that outlines why this winter is a great time for buyers to be in the real estate market. We also have a mailer-format glossary that illuminates some not-so-obvious, but very common terms that buyers and sellers come into contact with. Finally, also for buyers and sellers, an article that promotes the value of having a real estate agent looking after their best interests.

As always, short formats for jumbo postcards are also available too. Get your client content right here.

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Effective Communication with Sellers

I want to take a moment to discuss the importance of learning how to instill calm communication and conflict resolution at a listing presentation, especially when it comes to talking about price and handling objections.

Too many agents make the mistake of rushing to present all their research and show all their marketing that they forget how important it is to communicate. They forget to ask questions, make eye contact, and slow down when providing information. And this is absolutely critical in building rapport and helping the seller(s) understand how you work.  Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Marie Strong

One of our branding super-stars, Marie Strong has a bold and classic brand that accentuates her passion for working with and preserving historical homes. From her classic font selection to the tone-on-tone pattern in the background, her brand balances vintage aesthetic with modern utility and strength. An understated structure, with slim header and footer bars, gives her content plenty of room to shine. The bold photo-realistic emblem of a lion’s head door knocker is the perfect accent for her striking design. Read more »

Ask Denise: Mastering Stat Reports

Q: “Denise, I really wish I were more stat savvy. I see my competition and their offices put together these amazing reports and what I can generate is really lacking (and I don’t know the first thing about where the stats even come from so that isn’t helping). Help!”

A: Your first step is education. These “magical” numbers probably come from your MLS. So whether they are being translated by Zillow, Redfin, Trendgraphix, or another agent or company, if you take a look at the disclaimer, the info more than likely is being generated by your MLS. Read more »

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