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Motivating Sellers – Opportunity Sellers vs Life-Change Sellers

If you are creating a campaign to attract sellers, one of the elements that is likely top-of-mind is your call-to-action. A call-to-action is that piece of information that creates urgency and causes a potential seller to pick up the phone.

For example, if you have presented information on a median sales price increase in a neighborhood which has increased dramatically, there is likely a compelling reason to sell. Read more »

The Little Things That Have the Greatest Impact

When I first starting my real estate career, many years ago, a very smart mentor/trainer of mine used to tell me ALL THE TIME that it was the little things that would determine my level of success in real estate.

It took me years to fully understand the impact of what he was saying but it was through his watchful eye and gentle reminders that I was able to benefit from his wisdom.

So, what were those little things, those pearls of wisdom that he shared with me? Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Campaigns = $$$

Campaigns are key to building and maintaining relationships. Campaigns can consist of newsletters, written notecards, calls, meetings, reports, custom research, emails, and even social media. The key is to build a structure of communication so people think of you first when they need a real estate professional.

Every relationship is built on campaigns. Birthday cards, little acts of service, a phone call on Mother’s or Father’s Day, and even liking a friend’s post on Facebook is part of a campaign. You may not think of it that way, but these are all actions that are taken to keep the relationship strong. The same can be applied to your real estate business. Read more »

Facts vs the Gist

Are you a facts agent? Or are you a gist agent?

It likely depends on the situation, your personality, your frame of mind, and what the situation really calls for. How you like to receive information may also be different than how you prefer to provide information.

The gist isn’t a bad thing – you still make your point, but sometimes the gist is made much more powerful with facts. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Alicia Dietrich

The starting point: Coming from a family of real estate agents, Alicia Dietrich wanted a professional, corporate feel brand. She caters to a variety of cultured clients mostly on Whidbey Island who are looking for a vacation destination or second home.

The strategy: Looking for a luxurious palette, Alicia picked a rich purple-charcoal and combined it with a rosy copper metallic. An abstract pattern in the background is reminiscent of the waves surrounding Whidbey Island. Her monogram logo also incorporates waves with a whale tail, a nod to the largest residents in Puget Sound. Read more »

Run Your Business Like a Quarterback

With the upcoming Super Bowl, I’ve had football on my mind. I want to examine that a little bit today, and look at some strategies used by the football pros can be applied to our businesses.

When we watch the game, there are a lot of players on the field, all with important jobs to help the team win. A lot of attention is put on the quarterback, as he is in a leadership role on the team. If you are a quarterback in your business, you are making the plans, calling the plays, and always looking for opportunities. That’s what you’re good at—finding the opportunities in the game. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Uzma M. Hamid’s Website

Uzma M. Hamid recently launched her new branded website with easy navigation and mobile-friendly layout. Her website features stunning photography of her in action with clients to make it more personal. Now the central hub of her online presence, Uzma’s website is a resource for her past, present, and future clients. Our web design team made it simple to update herself so that she can add videos and articles to stay current in the industry.

Read more »

What Is Your One Thing?

Thank you to everyone who attended the Real Estate Success Summit on Tuesday! It was a different experience for sure, coming to you live in studio versus live on stage!

The one thing a virtual Summit allowed us to do is interview a number of agents and real estate businesses who have forged a path doing things their own way.

I know I very much enjoyed conducting the interviews and learning more about each of these agents, I am thrilled to hear our audience’s feedback and how these are motivating you to make some changes in your businesses! In fact, some of you have even taken action in the 48 hours since the Summit and I am so grateful to the agents who planted that seed of inspiration. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Your Design Style

We have recently updated our Design Style Analysis with fresh brand samples. As tastes and technology evolves, our team works to stay on top of modern trends. If you have never taken the Design Style Analysis, or even if you took it more than a year ago, check it out. Your personal style is your key to a memorable brand.

Read more »

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