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Catapult Your Success – at the Real Estate Success Summit

I am really getting pumped for our Real Estate Success Summit coming up on January 26th!

In addition to my State of the Market – Your 2021 Housing Market Update class in the morning, we have THREE amazing tracks of content for our afternoon – which you can watch at your leisure!

I rolled out our Agent Success track on last week’s Zebra Report  and now I am excited to introduce the more in-depth classes we are offering in our Catapult Your Success track. Remember! – Everyone who registers has access to all three tracks not only on January 26th, but after the event as well. That is over 9 hours of content that is yours for the viewing, whenever you are ready.   Read more »

Agents In Action!

Featured interviews premiering at the
Real Estate Success Summit January 26th, 2021

I am thrilled to announce the lineup of dynamic agents that I have the pleasure of interviewing for our upcoming Real Estate Success Summit on January 26th. Since our Summit is virtual this year, that gave us the opportunity to bring in successful agents across the country who are movers and shakers in their markets. I wanted to focus on agents who are doing business in their unique way and who are thriving in the hopes that their words will inspire you to do something a little different in 2021 – and be happier and more successful as a result! Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Our New Brand Portfiolo

We are pleased to announce that we have updated our brand gallery for 2021. Now you can see the elements that make up some of our favorite client brands as well as see them in action all in one easy-to-view Style Tile. From color palettes and fonts to examples of their fully branded templates in action, you can see the impact of a coordinated design. Get inspired, enjoy a little eye candy, and if you are ready for us to help YOU with your brand in 2021, give us a call or send an email! Read more »

You are Invited to the State of the Market

Today, I want to invite you to my State of the Market coming up at the end of January. It is so important—especially this year—to know what’s been going on and what’s happening right now in the market. There are changes coming in the new year. There are trends that started because of Covid. Bottom line: the market in 2021 is going to be very different.

You need to understand what the changes, challenges, and potential problems are. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Monogram Logos

Everyone wants an amazing logo with their brand—it’s one of the most common requests to our design team during the branding process. There are many different styles and applications for a logo, from monogram to word-mark, emblem to icon, abstract to literal, and everything in between. Our team has created hundreds of logos, so today we’re going to take a look at three of our design team’s favorite monograms and what makes them tick.

Read more »

The Importance of Having a Strong Real Estate Voice

One of the biggest challenges real estate agents face is confidence. Just about every agent I know suffers from lack of confidence from time to time. Agents who are new face challenges with confidence because they are concerned about their knowledge and expertise. Agents who are trying to tap into a new market or niche may also feel they are in over their heads. Even agents who have had success, but had a bad transaction or weren’t successful in a listing presentation may suffer from a temporary loss of confidence. Read more »

December Mailer Content has Arrived

monthly mailer content from club zebra

December content has arrived for Club Zebra Pro members, with three great new articles, ready-to-mail, for your prospects’ inboxes and mailboxes this month.

The weather outside may be frightful, but our December content will surely be delightful to your past clients and prospects. Don’t miss out on our carefully researched predictions for 2021, this is very popular content with your audience! You’ll also find great articles on how home ownership can be a part of retirement planning and for your buyers, check out our article on whether or not to buy in a home owners’ association. Get your new content right here!

Not a Club Zebra member? Members get great benefits with their monthly subscription to help them thrive in every market. Benefits like:

  • Weekly group coaching webinars.
  • Mailer content for prospecting
  • A vast library of real estate resources
  • Online business discovery tools

and much more. Become a Pro member today and get 60% off your first month!

Protect Your Peace

Protect your peace.

It is probably one of the most important things you can do, not just this season but throughout the year. You need to protect your peace with your clients, vendors, other agents, and all the other professionals we deal with.

When I say “protect your peace,” here’s what I’m talking about: If you are communicating with a client, a vendor, or someone on a transaction, and that communication is giving you an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, then you need to find a way to step back. Your peace is being disrupted. Read more »

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