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Education is the Key to Great Client Care

I’m so excited because this week, I’m in beautiful Las Vegas. I’m staying at the incredible Cosmopolitan Hotel, which has the best views of the Bellagio fountains. (You’ll see them going off behind me.)

I’m here sharpening my skills and updating my knowledge, because I always want to be in the forefront of what is happening in new construction. I have spent the last few days touring every new home being built in Las Vegas. I have seen lots of new developments, new builders, and my favorite builder (Toll Brothers). I have see new finishing, new features, new exteriors, new siding—and more! Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Natural Style

If you find yourself drawing nature into your every-day life with earthen-tone palettes, organic textures, and imagery or iconography from the great outdoors, you may have a Natural design style. Naturals are often described as genuine, laid-back, and straight-forward. With a deep reverence for nature, they find themselves attracted to marketing which reflects their core values.

Natural brands are as varied and colorful as the nature that inspires them. Here are three epic designs:

Read more »

The Wonder of Windows

That’s some fresh insulation! Today, I am on site at a new construction project and I want to talk about the power of windows.

In this project, we took about 80% of the structure down to the foundation and we built up the walls to 10ft. Our goal was to get that panoramic window effect. Window technology has come so far that it’s possible for us to have almost the entire side of this building open to the beautiful view. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Elegant Style

When everything must be polished and graceful, you are likely to have an Elegant design style. If you’re an Elegant, you respond to images of luxury and serenity. Quality is always more important than quantity. Your physical surroundings are assuredly created thoughtfully and with an eye toward classic beauty, whether they are formal, professional, or casual.

Gracious, and respectful, Elegants want a brand in which every element has been carefully considered. Sophistication, grace, and refinement are keywords of elegant designs. Read more »

July Client Mailer Content Now Available

monthly mailer content from club zebra

July mailer content is now available for Club Zebra Pro members to send to their clients. As always, no attribution to The Lones Group is needed. This month we have a an article about buyer contingencies and considerations for today’s market, a second article on the impact of today’s record low interest rates and what that looks like compared to previous decades, and a great article about renovating historic homes and what to consider before buying one. Your prospects want to hear from you, don’t disappoint them – get your new content right here!

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Six Pieces of Data to Wow Your Clients (and tell your market’s story)

Most real estate agents consider themselves “people” people and aren’t as comfortable with data, graphing, pulling numbers, etc. However, if you could master finding out how to pull just six pieces of data in your MLS, I guarantee you will be more confident in your buyer and seller consultations, will be able to drop numbers and trends in conversations, and will have plenty of content for sending out to your clients and posting on social media. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Eclectic Style

Be unique, be yourself—especially if it’s completely different from anything else. Eclectic design styles embrace their quirks and make it easy for their clients to remember them. They know they have something unique to offer and put it on display. But wouldn’t this limit the number of potential clients attracted by the brand? Maybe, but just like no one goes to a Coldstone Creamery for vanilla ice cream, Eclectics know that the right clients will be attracted by their strengths and personality. Read more »

Need Listings? The 4 Letters That Can Revolutionize Your Listing Lead Generation Strategy

Tired of tech and want an easy-to-execute listing lead strategy?

If you think it sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

I developed my Letters for Listings series more than two decades ago. Although the series has been updated, the mechanics are as basic as they were more than 20 years ago, and perhaps even more effective! Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Dramatic Brands

Oh, the drama! (But this is good drama!) Dramatic types have a flair for the theatrical and are often unforgettable personalities. This is naturally reflected in their branding with image and colors that strike an emotional chord.

Dramatic styles often have dark backgrounds, vibrant palettes, and memorable logos. Here are three dramatic designs: Read more »

Hot Trends in Renovation

This week I am on-site at one of my properties. I’ve just finish a renovation here, and I have to share something very important: the building industry, home design industry, renovation/remodel industry—they’re all changing! And it is dramatic.

That’s why I have scheduled an online workshop covering the hottest trends later this summer to go over some of those changes. I’m going to go over architectural trends, color and paint trends, cabinet trends, and more. Read more »

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