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Is Your Prospect A Time Waster?

How do you tell the difference between good and bad prospects? One will waste your time, dragging you from house to house-getting all kinds of information from you-only to end up dumping you right before writing an offer.

You also have clients who seem like time wasters, but they’re just very analytical and thorough in their search. These are people who have concerns that cannot be addressed quickly – and that’s fine.

Don’t be tempted to put everybody in the same category. Just because you’ve showed somebody 20 houses and they haven’t bought doesn’t mean they are a time waster. The 21st house may be their dream home. Knowing how to spot the difference between the two can save you a lot of time, money, and energy.

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Brand Spotlight: Rowena Lusby

This week’s design spotlight features the lovely refreshed brand of Go with Ro, a Southern Washington-based team led by Rowena Lusby. Go with Ro is a powerhouse, and needed a bold brand to complement their strengths. We kept the paw print from her previous brand to highlight Rowena’s love of animal rescue. The overall result of Rowena’s brand is lighter and fresher, with the same gentle flow of the background swirls. We also updated her font styles to give her a stylish and fashionable look. We completed the brand by adding a band of sparkles at the top of the bottom to make her new brand shine! Read more »

Ask Denise: Cross-Industry Databases

Q: “Denise, I am a fairly new agent but have spent years in the industry as a mortgage broker. I really know about every local real estate professional from agents to other lenders to people in title, appraisers, inspectors, and more. For me, making connections has always been easy and I am still a member of most of the organizations I was in as a lender. This database of professionals really is the sphere database I am starting with. Do you think that is okay?” Read more »

11 Secrets to Geo Farming Success

Many real estate agents utilize geographical farming to build a strong predictable lead generation system. It is easy to send postcards to your farm and call it good but is that getting you the results you want?  If not, then it is time to make some tweaks to build a strong PERSONAL PRESENCE.

When I started geographical farming, when I first started selling real estate, I began with sending postcards which was a great start but I sent out the same thing month after month. My message was okay, but it didn’t get me the kind of results I wanted as I needed to get up and running fast. After learning what did and didn’t work for my farm, I eventually had a winning formula. Here are the secrets to my farming success Read more »

Ask Denise: Don’t Doubt your Database!

Q: “Denise, the agent I share an office with is raving about her new CRM. It is online and very techy. I am generally not techy. I have my database in an Excel sheet which I can manage, but should I just go to a class and step up to this new system? It seems to really work for her.”

A: Unless there is something not working for you regarding the database, then you don’t need to make a change. What do you really need your database to do? Have the information to send out mail and email? Have contact information within a few clicks? Track birthdays and home-buying anniversaries? You can do all of that and more with your existing database in Excel. Read more »

Are You Closer to a Sale or a Price Reduction?

One of the most discussed topics between real estate brokers and their peers is pricing.  Pricing a home to sell is both an art and a science.  But why do so many homes sit on the market gaining days on market dust and creating nothing more than frustrated sellers and real estate brokers?

The answer is quite simple: The property is not priced where it needs to be to get sold.

Perhaps it was priced right initially, but the market changed. Maybe the buyer pool shrank and you got caught in that bad timing. Perhaps there was a situation in which a lot of similar product came on the market at once.

Regardless as to why you have gotten where you are the truth of the matter is this:

Your listing is ALWAYS either getting closer to a sale or it is getting closer to a price reduction. Read more »

Ask Denise: Taking Control of Your Investing

Q: “Denise, I am sick of not having control over my money in the stock market and am interested in learning more about different ways to invest in real estate. Is your upcoming Building Wealth Through Real Estate Investments class a good place to get started or is that more for people with a lot of cash?”

A: It’s for both seasoned investors as well as beginning investors. We cover a lot of different types of investment options – from something as simple as a single-family residence to as complex as land development and syndications. We have professionals on-hand to talk about tax laws, entity formation and protection, as well as resources for lending (you may need less cash than you think!). Read more »

Where It All Began: My Love of Investing in Real Estate

From the time I was a child, I was always interested in what my parents were doing in their business. My father was a chef and owned restaurants and my mom was his loyal partner in crime. I remember washing dishes with them on the weekends when I was as young as five and six years old. I worked all day to earn that special pastry or exquisite special menu item.

From this early age, I learned a lot about business and even more about money. My father carried cash everywhere he went and while he owned a couple of credit cards, I can’t remember him using them much while I was growing up.

When I turned nineteen and had been working at my job for some time, I decided that I needed to get myself a credit card. I’ve never been one to do anything halfway so I applied for six credit cards and I waited patiently for the magical plastic cards to arrive. For some strange reason, I thought plastic was power.

However, I learned quickly upon their arrival that plastic and I would soon part ways. Read more »

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