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Branding Spotlight: Do You Have What You Need for Promotional Products?

The secret to a great brand that works hard for you is pretty simple: you love it! If you love your brand, you use it everywhere. In no time at all, that brand is now a visual reminder of who you are and the services and experiences you offer. Print and web marketing are the daily bread-and-butter of your branding applications. And when it’s time for something a little special for a thank-you gift or team marketing, there is a huge variety of amazing promotional products that can carry your branding. Read more »

Your Listing Checklist – Naming and Claiming What You Do

In October, The Lones Group hosted our listing presentation class for real estate agents – Stop Losing Listings You Should Have Won. In that class, we offered 15 spots to those agents who wanted to revamp their listing presentation and be part of a case study. Well, those spots got taken very quickly. That case study is currently running and we are in the process of individually redoing each agent’s listing presentation materials, customizing each to what they each offer a seller when they list their home.

One of the first things we asked each of our case study participants to do is fill out an intake form which included checking off the services they did for each listing and checking those services they only did when the listing called for it. Read more »

What If…A Seller Asks You to Cut Your Commission?

I’m teaching at the Lynnwood Convention Center.

The first thing you have to remember is that when someone asks you to cut your commission, they are being motivated by something. Maybe the seller is concerned about closing fees. Maybe a friend of theirs bragged about what they paid. Maybe they are just trying to figure out the differences between you and another agent (because you may be competing against other agents to secure this listing client).

With that in mind, it’s not about having perfect answers right off the top of your head. It’s about opening up the topic for discussion. Both you and your prospective client should be comfortable talking about your commission. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Stationery & Letterhead

Quick—you need to print a report for a meeting in an hour and it must look professional and impressive. What do you have in your printer: Plain copy paper? Generic brokerage letterhead? Or your personal branded letterhead?

Whether it’s a letter to the title company, a house flyer, or multi-page report for a prospective client, your branded letterhead can serve as the foundation for all of these. Simply make sure your margins are set to stay in the white-space of the page, and you can easily print beautiful marketing from your office or home printer. Read more »

How Will You Prepare Your Business for 2022?

Right now it is the fall real estate season. Maybe, just maybe, in your area you might have the sensation that the market has softened. Maybe just a little bit. And ho-boy, if you have been working hard all year long, this may feel like a long overdue and welcome moment.

But I’ve done my research. Have you? Because there is something you should know.

Our market is still in dire need of new inventory and there’s no relief coming in 2022. So, how will you prepare for the coming year? Every year, about this time, I’m already thinking ahead. I know that while it’s only the second week of November that just around the corner is Thanksgiving and then BOOM the end of the year will be upon us. Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Annual Report Newsletter

It’s been a busy year for real estate markets everywhere, and maybe you’re taking some time in this “slower” fall/winter season to catch your breath—but don’t rest on your laurels. Prime your lead generating pipeline with a fantastic end-of-the-year Annual Report Newsletter!

This is the best project to work on right now and send out at the end of December or beginning of January. Read more »

Attracting Leads to Your Pipeline with Geographical Farming

What is your lead pipeline like in real estate? Especially in this market, as we continue to see challenges with inventory and competitive buyers, we have to figure out a way to attract leads. You need a lead magnet!

One of the best lead magnet systems I know if is Geographical Farming. When I was a full-time agent, geographical farming was one of my most successful ways of generating leads. But there have been new challenges over the last few years, and a lot of agents have completely stopped farming.

Read more »

Branding Spotlight: Custom Signs – Beyond the Yardarm

Can your clients identify you by your signage? Signs are a staple when it comes to marketing a home for sale. We’re all familiar with the classic yard-arm, but there are a lot of exciting options to maximize your curbside marketing and guide interested buyers. Printing and sign-making technology has advanced so that your signs can have unique shapes, bright and durable colors, and leave the front lawn flawless once removed. Some even have solar-powered lighting to boost your evening exposure. Read more »

Denise Live November Webinar Registration Now Available

Registration is now available for all upcoming November episodes of Denise Live and Market Survival Guide episodes. Don’t miss out being a part of our live audience and your chance to participate with your questions and comments! Here’s what we have planned for our Tuesday topics this November: November 2Adjusting Your Business to be More Seller-centric, November 9The Moment of the Market, Identifying Buyer Opportunities, November 16Top 7 Real Estate Client Gift Ideas, November 233 Ways to Improve Your Communication, and November 30Professional Printing, Your Questions Answered with guest Shauna Naf.

Register for Market Survival Guide and these Episodes from our Event Calendar.

Miss a show? Don’t worry! You can always watch recordings from the Vault right here. Not a member yet? Why not become a member today!

Don’t Be Afraid to Niche – It Won’t Limit Your Real Estate Business!

There comes a time in many agents’ careers when they get tired, burned out, and know they can’t continue in the business the way they have.

Maybe they are selling across too large of an area that has awful traffic and they are spending more and more time on the road and less time in the houses they are trying to show.

Maybe they are working with clients who don’t take advice and are too much work (such as buyers who won’t be realistic in their offers and you wind up writing offer after offer, driving further and further away from where they started their search months ago).

Maybe they have had an awful transaction with a client. You know, one of those transactions that make you question whether or not you are cut out for this business and causes you to spend days planning your next vacation, cruising social media, watching Hallmark movies, and eating cheese.

Read more »

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